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Therapeutic Art



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Jan Roelofs

Miami, FL

United States

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This group was started on December 5th, 2013 and currently has:

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Therapeutic Art

About This Group

Images that evoke joy, peace, serenity or relaxation. I hope you enjoy these carefully selected beautiful works of art. Thanks for stopping by, and peace to you.
Any media is accepted, but please do not post work that is only text with no image, political messages, vulgarity, violence, creepy or pornographic images. I do so enjoy looking at your gorgeous works and thank you for sharing them. I choose those that give feelings of calm and tranquility and will feature the ones that do so best.
I may like your art very much but not include it because it may not fit the theme. As it is subjective,
I try to remember to like it even if I do not include it.

Featured Images

Teresa Pascos - Forest


Teresa Pascos

Marie Clark - Glory


Marie Clark

Marcela Hessari - Abstract nr 41

Abstract nr 41

Marcela Hessari

Yuri Hope - Rays


Yuri Hope

Marcela Hessari - Heavens


Marcela Hessari

Marie Clark - Shalom


Marie Clark

Yul Olaivar - Chasing The Sun

Chasing The Sun

Yul Olaivar

Khalid Saeed - Walnut trees

Walnut trees

Khalid Saeed

Abstract Angel Artist Stephen K - Dream Beyond the Horizon

Dream Beyond the Horizon

Abstract Angel Artist Stephen K

Karen Wiles - Just The Two Of Us

Just The Two Of Us

Karen Wiles

Kathy Bassett - Tree Dance

Tree Dance

Kathy Bassett

Jolanta Anna Karolska - Nature

Nature's Soul..

Jolanta Anna Karolska

Susan Warren - Morning Grove

Morning Grove

Susan Warren

Felicia Tica - The Sunshine in You

The Sunshine in You

Felicia Tica

Tomer Rosen Grace - Sunset with Dark Spectrum

Sunset with Dark Spectrum

Tomer Rosen Grace

Jan Roelofs - Blue Ridge Eve

Blue Ridge Eve

Jan Roelofs