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Totally You



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Allison Stanley

Springfield, Illinois

United States

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This group was started on May 18th, 2017 and currently has:

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Totally You

About This Group

This group is a group about being yourself. No judging others, just accept each other. This is a group about not being afraid to get crazy or unique. Where your artwork explains who you are and not what others want you to be. Hopefully where what the world would describe normal isn't what you want to be. Weather you're loud or quiet, shy or outgoing. No mater what, I want you to feel accepted. Some of my family and a few others are accepting but I I have people in my my life who also aren't, I know most people are not even as lucky as I am. But I want you to feel like you are among friends here. And hopefully you will.

We will Holiday letters and stuff like that. My pretty much one rule is NO INAPPROPRIATE PICTURES!!! only kid friendly ones.
I hope that this has been helpful to you and that this is the group for you.
Thank you so much for reading, and hope that you have a wonderful rest of the day.
Kindest wishes,
Allison Stanley :)

Featured Images

Betsy Zimmerli - Peony Armful

Peony Armful

Betsy Zimmerli

Jeff at JSJ Photography - Zootography Giraffe Honking

Zootography Giraffe Honking

Jeff at JSJ Photography

Laurie Cairone - Floating in the Vortex

Floating in the Vortex

Laurie Cairone

Sally Weigand - Curious


Sally Weigand

Sally Weigand - Peacock Reading Sign

Peacock Reading Sign

Sally Weigand

Sally Weigand - Spine Mailbox

Spine Mailbox

Sally Weigand

Catherine Melvin - Pixie Debutante

Pixie Debutante

Catherine Melvin

Joel Bruce Wallach - Heartbeat Of A Stream

Heartbeat Of A Stream

Joel Bruce Wallach

Catherine Melvin - Belly Laughter

Belly Laughter

Catherine Melvin

Catherine Melvin - Infinite Loops

Infinite Loops

Catherine Melvin

Catherine Melvin - Engine

Engine's Reved

Catherine Melvin

Sally Weigand - I

I'll Sleep Anywhere

Sally Weigand

Sally Weigand - A Dog

A Dog's Love

Sally Weigand

Jolanta Anna Karolska - Abstract fish

Abstract fish

Jolanta Anna Karolska

Sally Weigand - Mans Best Friend

Mans Best Friend

Sally Weigand

Sally Weigand - Using Talents

Using Talents

Sally Weigand

Sally Weigand - Captain Maltese Dog

Captain Maltese Dog

Sally Weigand

Catherine Melvin - Incognito


Catherine Melvin

Catherine Melvin - Diamond in the Rough

Diamond in the Rough

Catherine Melvin

Betsy Zimmerli - Take A Break

Take A Break

Betsy Zimmerli

Betsy Zimmerli - Blue Noon

Blue Noon

Betsy Zimmerli

Betsy Zimmerli - April Expectant

April Expectant

Betsy Zimmerli

Betsy Zimmerli - Fernwood


Betsy Zimmerli

Joan-Violet Stretch - The Onesie Duck

The Onesie Duck

Joan-Violet Stretch

Em Scott - Flower Picker

Flower Picker

Em Scott

Joan-Violet Stretch - Purple Heart

Purple Heart

Joan-Violet Stretch

Jolanta Anna Karolska - Ballet shoes

Ballet shoes

Jolanta Anna Karolska

AnnaJo Vahle - Jim Creek Lift Off

Jim Creek Lift Off

AnnaJo Vahle

Allison Stanley - Lisa


Allison Stanley