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Towels All Media



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Delynn Addams

Fargo, ND

United States

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This group was started on December 2nd, 2016 and currently has:

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Towels All Media

About This Group

Towels, all styles and types of art are welcome with less restrictions.

Hello and welcome customers.

Welcome to new artist and existing members, in this TOWELS group,
all media and subjects are welcome.

This group markets towels both beach, bathroom and kitchen etc. in all styles and subjects.
Photographs, paintings, digital custom initials/monograms and mixed are all welcome.
Pick an artist for personalized initials, comments or images.
Coordinate kitchens and bathrooms by refereeing to the complimentary group Tile Backslashes to match images or artists.

Please feel free to contact the artist if needed.

FAA Artist's Group Rules.
1) Follow FAA rules.
2) By joining, you agree to FAA terms.
3) photos mostly so are questionable patterns.
4) Admin has the final say.
5) no rude, disruptive and violence of any kind.
6) no nudes or like images in support of OFFICE SAFE VIEWING.
7) no posting limit for now but subject to change.
8) no famous people.
9) art must by your own and not from royalty free, or paid for, images.
...these are the top main rules so also see the discussion are for rules and other information.

Be wonderful,
A FAA group administrator for the following groups.

SPECIAL SELF PROMOTION from Delynn Addams Art Group Administrator.
Here are a few links to help self promote off FAA. Please read terms of host and group.

FB requires membership approval.
Interior Design Ideas Facebook Art Group.
Click here to join the Interior Design Ideas Facebook art group.


Google+ does not require approval to post image.


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Featured Images

Galina Lavrova - Soft


Galina Lavrova

Delynn Addams - Solid Plain Tan

Solid Plain Tan

Delynn Addams

Zsanan Narrin - Bon Jour

Bon Jour

Zsanan Narrin

MaryLee Parker - Be Yourself And Shine

Be Yourself And Shine

MaryLee Parker

Karen Plaspohl - Imperial Swan

Imperial Swan

Karen Plaspohl

MaryLee Parker - The  marriage Prayer

The marriage Prayer

MaryLee Parker

Maria Woithofer - Sunset


Maria Woithofer

Jane Gatward - White Orchid

White Orchid

Jane Gatward

Jane Gatward - Tropical Still Life

Tropical Still Life

Jane Gatward

Jouko Lehto - Eurasian blue tit

Eurasian blue tit

Jouko Lehto

Maria Woithofer - Onlooker


Maria Woithofer

Eva Lechner - Sunkissed Roses

Sunkissed Roses

Eva Lechner

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Steve Miller Band-Steve-0781

Steve Miller Band-Steve-0781

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Eva Lechner - Butterflies Love

Butterflies Love

Eva Lechner

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Eva Lechner - Autumn Blessings

Autumn Blessings

Eva Lechner

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Rene Layout-0795

Rene Layout-0795

Gary Gingrich Galleries

M E Wood - Candles


M E Wood

David Millenheft - Thor

Thor's Well Oregon Coast

David Millenheft

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Ornaments-1908-HappyHolidays


Gary Gingrich Galleries