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United States National Wildlife Refuges

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United States National Wildlife RefugesNOTE: A NATURE SHOT OR A NATURAL SETTING DOES NOT MAKE YOUR PICTURE A NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE SHOT, NOR IS A BIRD OR ANIMAL IN A STATE OR NATIONAL PARK QUALIFY. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING DESCRIPTION REQUIRED FOR A PHOTO TO BE ENTERED HERE. The United States National Wildlife Refuge System is a designation for certain protected areas for nature and managed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. A National Refuge is not part of the National Park System. Feel free to add photographs of any wild animals or plants found in the refuge system or on land adjoining a refuge system. You can add photographs which range from panoramas to macros. Make sure the location and name of National Wildlife Refuge are provided. There are over 560 refuges in the National Wildlife Refuge System, a network of lands set aside and managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service specifically for wildlife.
1. Identify the location of your photograph, with the REFUGE name and the STATE it is located.
2. No HDR or heavy digital work, you can enter those photographs in another group.
3. No portraits or pictures where a person or a pet is the primary subject of the photograph. People can be in the distance as long as identity is not recognizable. Exceptions will be given on an individual basis for major park events or celebrations. No nudity.
4. Pictures of wild animals found within the park or monument are welcome.
5. You are welcome to put in 5 images each day.
6. This group is for photographs only.


Wes Hanson

Oklahoma City, OK

United States

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This group was started on March 9th, 2017.