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Usa Photographers Only



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Judy Vincent

Nederland, TX

United States

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This group was started on March 25th, 2016 and currently has:

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Usa Photographers Only

About This Group

You must be a photographer who lives in one of the 48 contiguous United States or Alaska or Hawaii. Your profile must indicate what state you live in or you will be removed from the group.

1. Only 1 image per day: any subject is acceptable but must be something that originated from a photograph that you personally took.
2. No artistic paintings such as watercolor, acrylic, and oil.
3. No abstract digital creations and no colorized reproductions of old photos. However, photographs turned into digital paintings using software programs will be accepted.
4. Keep it family friendly - no nudity or violence

Group Theme August 16th through 31st: Black and White: No sepia, No selective coloring
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Featured Images

Jane Selverstone - White Hibiscus

White Hibiscus

Jane Selverstone

Marnie Patchett - Filling in the Cracks

Filling in the Cracks

Marnie Patchett

Ann Skelton - Private Dining

Private Dining

Ann Skelton

Scott Pellegrin - Yaquina Head Light - BW

Yaquina Head Light - BW

Scott Pellegrin

Alan Brown - Channel Markers

Channel Markers

Alan Brown

Joan Bertucci - Holy Card

Holy Card

Joan Bertucci

Douglas Stucky - The Old Homestead

The Old Homestead

Douglas Stucky

Jane Eleanor Nicholas - Melting Winter

Melting Winter's Heart

Jane Eleanor Nicholas

Joan Bertucci - Texas Tornado

Texas Tornado

Joan Bertucci

John Canett - In Flight

In Flight

John Canett

Diane Lindon Coy - Quaint Cell Phone Booth

Quaint Cell Phone Booth

Diane Lindon Coy

Bill And Deb Hayes - Mariners Evening Gathering

Mariners Evening Gathering

Bill And Deb Hayes

Jerry Connally - Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Jerry Connally

Lisa Lemmons-Powers - Geyers Smoking at Dusk

Geyers Smoking at Dusk

Lisa Lemmons-Powers

Mark Thompson - NY Nocturne #1

NY Nocturne #1

Mark Thompson

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Train Trestle in the Fog

Train Trestle in the Fog

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

John Bartelt - Lone Tree

Lone Tree

John Bartelt

Bruce Bley - Summer Dahlia

Summer Dahlia

Bruce Bley

Kevin Schuchmann - Color of August

Color of August

Kevin Schuchmann

Lorraine Baum - Glowing From Within

Glowing From Within

Lorraine Baum

Holly Ross - Mother and Child

Mother and Child

Holly Ross

Veronika Countryman - Cactus Fruit Mandala

Cactus Fruit Mandala

Veronika Countryman

Barbara Molocznik - Blue Unity Christmas Tree

Blue Unity Christmas Tree

Barbara Molocznik

Jennifer Stackpole - Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

Jennifer Stackpole

Richard Bryce and Family - Lone Tree In Rock

Lone Tree In Rock

Richard Bryce and Family

Kanisha Moye - The Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden

Kanisha Moye

Lloyd Alexander - Beneath My Wing

Beneath My Wing

Lloyd Alexander

Juergen Roth - Semipalmated Plover

Semipalmated Plover

Juergen Roth

Larry Banks - Fall


Larry Banks

Brenda Spittle - Red 63 Galaxie

Red 63 Galaxie

Brenda Spittle