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USA Photographers ONLY

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This group is for USA Photographers only. Your profile must show you live in one of the 48 contiguous states, or Alaska or Hawaii. All others will be removed from the group.

1. Photography ONLY. Must be a photograph that you personally took with your camera.
2. No paintings such as acrylic, oil, or watercolor. No pastel or charcoal drawings. Photographs that were changed into paintings using software will be accepted if the effect is mild. While I will still accept photopaintings into the group, many of them will NOT be featured on the home page. I'm looking for good, basic photography with mild editing. Digital art and AI will be judged by your description of how the image was made (must originate from your own photo and not be too abstract). I will also mention that it needs to look like a realistic image – not something that is fantasy-like or imaginary. This is a PHOTOGRAPHY group – not paintings, not art, not digital art.
3. 1 image per day
4. Keep it family friendly - no nudity or violence, no scantily clad models in promiscuous poses
5. Images should be of good quality and size. If full resolution preview is enabled, one side of image must be at least 1500 pixels. If preview is not enabled, I will look at art print sizes available and one side should be at least 20 inches long. Images not meeting this will be accepted into the group, but will not be featured on the home page.
**Anyone who repeatedly disregards the rules, will be removed from the group without notice.

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Toketees Liquid Lament The Signature Series by Angelo Marcialis

Spring Sunrise at Boulder Beach by Kristen Wilkinson

Whistling Duck Tanzania Africa by Joan Carroll

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Judy Vincent

Conroe, TX

United States

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This group was started on March 25th, 2016.