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Vivid Beautiful Art



Group Administrator

Stephanie Zelaya

Dallas, tx

United States

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This group was started on May 28th, 2016 and currently has:

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Vivid Beautiful Art

About This Group

logo battle Vivid Beautiful Art members only,Winner Winter Woodland Sunset Modern Impressionism Palette Knife Oil Painting Canvas Print by Mona Edulesco 1st Place Prize Winner will be the logo for Vivid Beautiful Art till the next contest.congratulations ,PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU SUBMIT PLEASE , THIS GROUP IS FOR ------ Watercolor--- or Oil -- OR---- Acrylic -- only --- no ink ---- no digitally altered photos ---at all-- no photos at all---- .some abstract but must look like something --no blobs-- of paint on paper. -- NO NUDES! EVER !!!!!!!!!, ,family friendly----- only,original artwork--------- out of the ordinary--. all others will be deleted .original artwork only. --skill, intended to be appreciated--- .group for people who love beautiful art.--You can post it here and share!! --must be a member of faa,,==no --sharpie- pens- colors----- or NO PENCIL OR COLORED PENCIL ! -adult- coloring- books--- no markers ---and --crayons!---- if it looks like a-- photo --or a-- adult-- coloring ---books-- page i -am -deleting ---them--- This group- is for-- real- art -only- .original -artwork-- . . uncropped artwork looks very messy and unprofessional- and-- will-- not-- be-- posted-- .!!!no --marker-- please--- this--- is-- not-- Kindergarten --.professional-- art photos ----- ---. only your best, (what not to post 1-11 should help ) NO
NO.1. Photographs
2no . Computer or digitally created images
NO3 Sexually suggestive images
NO4. Images of violence
NO 5, Images with quotes or statements random alphabetic letters, words
NO 6. Greeting cards
NO NO 7. Religious, political or sexual images of any nature.
NO 9. Images that have computer generated borders on them.
NO 10. Images that have been drawn or painted then used digital enhancements or effects.
NO NO11. Adult coloring books , 12.NO FLAGS OF ANY KIND,,,,,,,

Featured Images

AnnaJo Vahle - Flame Tree

Flame Tree

AnnaJo Vahle

Steve Henderson - The Trainmaster

The Trainmaster

Steve Henderson

AnnaJo Vahle - SunShine


AnnaJo Vahle

George Peebles - Autumn Glow

Autumn Glow

George Peebles

Marsha Reeves - Kerrville Christmas

Kerrville Christmas

Marsha Reeves

Jeff Troupe -

'67 Nova

Jeff Troupe

Steve Henderson - Taking a Break

Taking a Break

Steve Henderson

Jeff Troupe - Winter Lace

Winter Lace

Jeff Troupe

Mona Edulesco - Sunset In Santorini

Sunset In Santorini

Mona Edulesco

Phyllis Beiser - Stealing Reflections

Stealing Reflections

Phyllis Beiser

Steve Henderson - Al Fresco

Al Fresco

Steve Henderson

Virginia Plowman - Time forgotten

Time forgotten

Virginia Plowman

Patty Strubinger - Mars Marble

Mars Marble

Patty Strubinger

Anne Barberi - Pair Of Pears

Pair Of Pears

Anne Barberi

Phyllis Beiser - Autumn Pelican

Autumn Pelican

Phyllis Beiser

Lillian  Bell - Carnival mask

Carnival mask

Lillian Bell

Anne Barberi - Bountiful Basket

Bountiful Basket

Anne Barberi

Phyllis Beiser - Reflective Shores

Reflective Shores

Phyllis Beiser

Phyllis Beiser - Untamed Force

Untamed Force

Phyllis Beiser

Marsha Reeves - Fishin


Marsha Reeves

Virgil Carter - Pig Out, No 1

Pig Out, No 1

Virgil Carter

Steve Henderson - Shore Leave

Shore Leave

Steve Henderson

Sandy Haight - Ginkgo Gold

Ginkgo Gold

Sandy Haight

George Peebles - Water wonder Land

Water wonder Land

George Peebles

Faye Anastasopoulou - Tropical Breeze

Tropical Breeze

Faye Anastasopoulou

Virgil Carter - Lourmarin Walk

Lourmarin Walk

Virgil Carter

Virginia Plowman - Old red vintage truck

Old red vintage truck

Virginia Plowman

Phyllis Kaltenbach - Splash


Phyllis Kaltenbach

Uma Krishnamoorthy - Rhythm Series 6

Rhythm Series 6

Uma Krishnamoorthy

Uma Krishnamoorthy - Rhythm Series 7

Rhythm Series 7

Uma Krishnamoorthy

Faye Anastasopoulou - Dream Dancer

Dream Dancer

Faye Anastasopoulou

Virgil Carter - Home At Last

Home At Last

Virgil Carter

Faye Anastasopoulou - Liquid Motion

Liquid Motion

Faye Anastasopoulou

Steve Henderson - Contemplation


Steve Henderson

Helen Sviderskis - Ocean Sunset Seascape

Ocean Sunset Seascape

Helen Sviderskis

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Portrait Demo 7

Portrait Demo 7

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Steve Henderson - Boys and Their Trains

Boys and Their Trains

Steve Henderson

Artell Harris - Vermillion Cliffs

Vermillion Cliffs

Artell Harris

Sue Carmony - Fall time in Maine

Fall time in Maine

Sue Carmony

Christopher Reid - Swirl


Christopher Reid

Uma Krishnamoorthy - Rhythm Series 2

Rhythm Series 2

Uma Krishnamoorthy

Steve Henderson - Along the Salmon River

Along the Salmon River

Steve Henderson

Marsha Reeves - Faithful


Marsha Reeves

George Peebles - September morning

September morning

George Peebles

Carolyn LeGrand - Flowers For Vincent

Flowers For Vincent

Carolyn LeGrand

Vicky Lilla - Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade

Vicky Lilla

Uma Krishnamoorthy - Rhythm series 1

Rhythm series 1

Uma Krishnamoorthy

Alana Judah - Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer

Alana Judah

Steve Henderson - Spirit of the Canyon

Spirit of the Canyon

Steve Henderson

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Sue Carmony - Soul Mates

Soul Mates

Sue Carmony

Faye Anastasopoulou - The Surge

The Surge

Faye Anastasopoulou

Jimmie Bartlett - Klara


Jimmie Bartlett

Faye Anastasopoulou - Nostalgia


Faye Anastasopoulou

Patty Strubinger - Bowl of Beauty 01

Bowl of Beauty 01

Patty Strubinger

Sandy Haight - Ripening


Sandy Haight

Kim Lockman - Butterfly Bliss

Butterfly Bliss

Kim Lockman

Steve Henderson - Roadside Attraction

Roadside Attraction

Steve Henderson

Patty Strubinger - Yellow Mums

Yellow Mums

Patty Strubinger

Anne Barberi - Spring Bouquet

Spring Bouquet

Anne Barberi

Steve Henderson - Lady in Waiting

Lady in Waiting

Steve Henderson

Sarah Irland - Autumn Stream

Autumn Stream

Sarah Irland

Marsha Reeves - Perseverance


Marsha Reeves

Bonnie Mason - The Neighbor

The Neighbor's Barn

Bonnie Mason

Faye Anastasopoulou - Floral Symphony

Floral Symphony

Faye Anastasopoulou

Faye Anastasopoulou - Voyagers


Faye Anastasopoulou

Bonnie Mason - Make Lemonade

Make Lemonade

Bonnie Mason

Marsha Reeves - Port A Cabins

Port A Cabins

Marsha Reeves

Kim Lockman - Storm

Storm's A Brewin

Kim Lockman

George Peebles - Spring Tide

Spring Tide

George Peebles

Artell Harris - After the rain

After the rain

Artell Harris

Faye Anastasopoulou - Sunset Sail

Sunset Sail

Faye Anastasopoulou

George Peebles - Splendor


George Peebles

Anne Barberi - Still Life VI

Still Life VI

Anne Barberi

John Davis - Pumpkin patch

Pumpkin patch

John Davis

Aniko Hencz - The stone btidge

The stone btidge

Aniko Hencz

Mona Edulesco - Poppyscape Etude

Poppyscape Etude

Mona Edulesco

Faye Anastasopoulou - Cosmic Illumination

Cosmic Illumination

Faye Anastasopoulou

Christopher Reid - Egrets at Dawn

Egrets at Dawn

Christopher Reid

Christopher Reid - Kogelberg Curve

Kogelberg Curve

Christopher Reid

Steve Henderson - Light in the Forest

Light in the Forest

Steve Henderson

Alana Judah - Silent Serenity

Silent Serenity

Alana Judah

Sue Carmony - Back on the Farm

Back on the Farm

Sue Carmony

Bonnie Mason - Farm Country

Farm Country

Bonnie Mason

Steve Henderson - Crystalline Waters

Crystalline Waters

Steve Henderson

Nancy Griswold - Vermont Greens

Vermont Greens

Nancy Griswold

Jimmie Bartlett - Pelican Splash

Pelican Splash

Jimmie Bartlett

George Peebles - Hedge Row

Hedge Row

George Peebles

Patty Strubinger - Pink Peonies

Pink Peonies

Patty Strubinger

Mona Edulesco - Magnolias For Ever

Magnolias For Ever

Mona Edulesco

Bonnie Mason - A Bit of Earth

A Bit of Earth

Bonnie Mason

George Peebles - Wind and water

Wind and water

George Peebles

Faye Anastasopoulou - Jar Of Wonders

Jar Of Wonders

Faye Anastasopoulou

Lillian Bell - Abstract Peony

Abstract Peony

Lillian Bell

Anna Festa - Limoncello


Anna Festa

Christopher Reid - Kogelberg


Christopher Reid

Bonnie Mason - Golden Light

Golden Light

Bonnie Mason

Faye Anastasopoulou - Glorious Earth

Glorious Earth

Faye Anastasopoulou

Steve Henderson - Ascension


Steve Henderson

Virginia Plowman - Old steam train

Old steam train

Virginia Plowman

Phyllis Beiser - Small Talk

Small Talk

Phyllis Beiser

Lorraine Danzo - Rocky Mountain autumn

Rocky Mountain autumn

Lorraine Danzo

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Il Titano Verde

Il Titano Verde

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Patty Strubinger - Intense Pink

Intense Pink

Patty Strubinger

Alfred Stringer - Columbus Ohio Skyline

Columbus Ohio Skyline

Alfred Stringer

Steve Henderson - Autumn Sail

Autumn Sail

Steve Henderson

Phyllis Beiser - Job 12 7

Job 12 7

Phyllis Beiser

Sue Carmony - Beautiful Poppies

Beautiful Poppies

Sue Carmony

Bonnie Mason - A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time

Bonnie Mason

Faye Anastasopoulou - Noble Whispers

Noble Whispers

Faye Anastasopoulou

Lillian  Bell - Koi fish painting

Koi fish painting

Lillian Bell

George Peebles - The tide

The tide

George Peebles

Marsha Reeves - Leaves in the Snow IV

Leaves in the Snow IV

Marsha Reeves

Phyllis Kaltenbach - Mermaid  In Norweigen Setting

Mermaid In Norweigen Setting

Phyllis Kaltenbach

Artell Harris - Fall River

Fall River

Artell Harris

Bonnie Mason - Sunflower Farm

Sunflower Farm

Bonnie Mason

Uma Krishnamoorthy - Old city Ahmedabad series 5

Old city Ahmedabad series 5

Uma Krishnamoorthy

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Pastures of Ireland

Pastures of Ireland

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Steve Henderson - White on White

White on White

Steve Henderson

David King - Lone Cottonwood

Lone Cottonwood

David King

Norlina Kelly - Backyard Beauty

Backyard Beauty

Norlina Kelly

Nancy Griswold - Navajo Weavers

Navajo Weavers

Nancy Griswold

Judith Monette - Poppy Patch

Poppy Patch

Judith Monette

Christopher Reid - Orange River Blues

Orange River Blues

Christopher Reid

Steve Henderson - August


Steve Henderson

Artell Harris - Kolob Canyon 4

Kolob Canyon 4

Artell Harris

Cherise Foster - Baby Blues

Baby Blues

Cherise Foster

Faye Anastasopoulou - The Sea Legend

The Sea Legend

Faye Anastasopoulou

Christopher Reid - Fernkloof Path

Fernkloof Path

Christopher Reid

Anne Barberi - Still Life V

Still Life V

Anne Barberi

Steve Henderson - Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

Steve Henderson

Stephanie Zelaya - Tree


Stephanie Zelaya

Nancy Griswold - Going Home

Going Home

Nancy Griswold

Bonnie Mason - By the River

By the River

Bonnie Mason

Steve Henderson - Dawn


Steve Henderson

Faye Anastasopoulou - Fantasy Breeze

Fantasy Breeze

Faye Anastasopoulou

Faye Anastasopoulou - Playful Light

Playful Light

Faye Anastasopoulou

Steve Henderson - Blossom


Steve Henderson

Karina MIKULSKAIA - Beach



Artell Harris - Payson Lake

Payson Lake

Artell Harris

Marsha Reeves - Waiting for the Bats

Waiting for the Bats

Marsha Reeves

Steve Henderson - Backroads


Steve Henderson

Norlina Kelly - Ruby Watch

Ruby Watch

Norlina Kelly

Faye Anastasopoulou - Echoes Of The Past

Echoes Of The Past

Faye Anastasopoulou

Karina MIKULSKAIA - Fish



Christopher Reid - Vergenoegd Wine Estate

Vergenoegd Wine Estate

Christopher Reid

Steve Henderson - Just Breezin

Just Breezin'

Steve Henderson

Virgil Carter - White Cups No 5

White Cups No 5

Virgil Carter

Steve Henderson - Below Palouse Falls

Below Palouse Falls

Steve Henderson

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Portrait Demo four

Portrait Demo four

Laura Lee Zanghetti

AnnaJo Vahle - Nantahala Waterfall

Nantahala Waterfall

AnnaJo Vahle

Phyllis Beiser - Louisiana Dreaming

Louisiana Dreaming

Phyllis Beiser

Marsha Reeves - Daily Poinsettia #3

Daily Poinsettia #3

Marsha Reeves

Vicky Lilla - Florida Flamingos

Florida Flamingos

Vicky Lilla

Jasna Dragun - Red Amarilis

Red Amarilis

Jasna Dragun

Stephanie Zelaya - Flowers and Water

Flowers and Water

Stephanie Zelaya

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA - Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

Vanessa Hadady BFA MA

Irving Starr - Paris Cafe

Paris Cafe

Irving Starr

Phyllis Beiser - Bayou Rhythm

Bayou Rhythm

Phyllis Beiser

Phyllis Beiser - Lyrical


Phyllis Beiser

Jack Tenenzaph - Sunset


Jack Tenenzaph

Richard T Pranke - Original Six Back Lanes

Original Six Back Lanes

Richard T Pranke

Stephanie Zelaya - Unplace


Stephanie Zelaya

Phyllis Beiser - Sailing


Phyllis Beiser

Deepa Sahoo - Whisper of Spring

Whisper of Spring

Deepa Sahoo

Uma Krishnamoorthy - Seascape series 6

Seascape series 6

Uma Krishnamoorthy

Amalia Suruceanu - Red Roses memories

Red Roses memories

Amalia Suruceanu

AnnaJo Vahle - Painting the Light

Painting the Light

AnnaJo Vahle

Caroline Owen-Doar - Bear Canyon Wash

Bear Canyon Wash

Caroline Owen-Doar

Steve Henderson - Child of Eden

Child of Eden

Steve Henderson

Debbie Davidsohn - Fields in Israel

Fields in Israel

Debbie Davidsohn

Steve Henderson - Serenade


Steve Henderson

Faye Anastasopoulou - Aquatic Symphony

Aquatic Symphony

Faye Anastasopoulou

Steve Henderson - Afternoon Tea Party

Afternoon Tea Party

Steve Henderson

Phyllis Beiser - Revelation


Phyllis Beiser

Alana Judah - I Feel Pretty

I Feel Pretty

Alana Judah

Sandy Haight - Ice Queen

Ice Queen

Sandy Haight

Artell Harris - Fall creek

Fall creek

Artell Harris

Debbie Davidsohn - Bird

Bird's Eye View

Debbie Davidsohn

Rebecca Parker - Bucky

Bucky's Cousin

Rebecca Parker

David King - Wild Autumn

Wild Autumn

David King

Gilles Chagnon - Jah Bless

Jah Bless

Gilles Chagnon

Karie-ann Cooper - Window Shopping

Window Shopping

Karie-ann Cooper

Vincent Consiglio - Dead leaves

Dead leaves

Vincent Consiglio

Candy Prather - Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor

Candy Prather

Vishvesh Tadsare - La Gioconda - pastel

La Gioconda - pastel

Vishvesh Tadsare

Artell Harris - Bright Angel Point

Bright Angel Point

Artell Harris

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Summer in Hingham three

Summer in Hingham three

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Steve Henderson - Where the River Bends

Where the River Bends

Steve Henderson

Sue Carmony - East Boulder Farm

East Boulder Farm

Sue Carmony

Mona Edulesco - Lyon City Hall

Lyon City Hall

Mona Edulesco

AnnaJo Vahle - Pink Water Lily

Pink Water Lily

AnnaJo Vahle

Steve Henderson - Into You

Into You

Steve Henderson

Bonnie Mason - October Morning

October Morning

Bonnie Mason

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Webb Park

Webb Park

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Cloud Study Demo

Cloud Study Demo

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Faye Anastasopoulou - Enchanting Performance

Enchanting Performance

Faye Anastasopoulou

Jack Tenenzaph - The Brown Door

The Brown Door

Jack Tenenzaph

Nancy Griswold - Skier On The Steeps

Skier On The Steeps

Nancy Griswold

Steve Henderson - Rumination


Steve Henderson

Deepa Sahoo - Daisy Days

Daisy Days

Deepa Sahoo

Jack Tenenzaph - Autumn Retreat

Autumn Retreat

Jack Tenenzaph

Henryk Gorecki - Flowers in glass

Flowers in glass

Henryk Gorecki

Faye Anastasopoulou - Down At The East Coast

Down At The East Coast

Faye Anastasopoulou

Mary Giacomini - Spring Glow

Spring Glow

Mary Giacomini

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Glisten


Laura Lee Zanghetti

Debbie Davidsohn - Copper and Brass

Copper and Brass

Debbie Davidsohn

Jeffrey Koss - Sugar Mountain

Sugar Mountain

Jeffrey Koss

Steve Henderson - Daydreaming


Steve Henderson

Karen Ann - White Tea

White Tea

Karen Ann

Phyllis Beiser - Colorful Oyster Shells

Colorful Oyster Shells

Phyllis Beiser

Gilles Chagnon - Jimi Strat

Jimi Strat

Gilles Chagnon

Steve Henderson - Golden Sea

Golden Sea

Steve Henderson

Tara Krishna - Spring Tunes

Spring Tunes

Tara Krishna

Sharon Nelson-Bianco - Pond 3 Pond Series

Pond 3 Pond Series

Sharon Nelson-Bianco

Irving Starr - London Eye

London Eye

Irving Starr

Soos Roxana Gabriela - Blast of Early Blossom

Blast of Early Blossom

Soos Roxana Gabriela

Irving Starr - Gondola In Venice

Gondola In Venice

Irving Starr

Marsha Reeves - Morning Tea

Morning Tea

Marsha Reeves

Steve Henderson - Many Hues

Many Hues

Steve Henderson

Judith Monette - Pussy Willows

Pussy Willows

Judith Monette

Virgil Carter - North Woods No 5

North Woods No 5

Virgil Carter

Faye Anastasopoulou - Firewater


Faye Anastasopoulou

Phyllis Beiser - The Landing

The Landing

Phyllis Beiser

Steve Henderson - Forgotten Path

Forgotten Path

Steve Henderson

Steve Henderson - The Land of Chief Joseph

The Land of Chief Joseph

Steve Henderson

Henryk Gorecki - Storks II

Storks II

Henryk Gorecki

Mafalda Cento - Peach Hibiscus

Peach Hibiscus

Mafalda Cento

Phyllis Kaltenbach - Sweet Vixen and Kit Foxes

Sweet Vixen and Kit Foxes

Phyllis Kaltenbach

Steve Henderson - The Divide

The Divide

Steve Henderson

Marsha Reeves - Long Awaited

Long Awaited

Marsha Reeves

Phyllis Beiser - Journey

Journey's End

Phyllis Beiser

Bonnie Mason - Granny Smiths

Granny Smiths

Bonnie Mason

David King - Autumn Delight

Autumn Delight

David King

James Geddes - Pensive Stare

Pensive Stare

James Geddes

Elena Sokolova - Lion of Oz

Lion of Oz

Elena Sokolova

Jimmie Bartlett - Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Jimmie Bartlett

Amalia Suruceanu - Light from Green

Light from Green

Amalia Suruceanu

Christopher Reid - Vaal Riverbank

Vaal Riverbank

Christopher Reid

Phyllis Beiser - Grand Isle Oyster Reef

Grand Isle Oyster Reef

Phyllis Beiser

Jack Tenenzaph - Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains

Jack Tenenzaph

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Beach Path two

Beach Path two

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Steve Henderson - Homeland 2

Homeland 2

Steve Henderson

Deepa Sahoo - Lavender Galore

Lavender Galore

Deepa Sahoo

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Know Your Garden

Know Your Garden

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Deepa Sahoo - Poppy Delight

Poppy Delight

Deepa Sahoo

Phyllis Beiser - Camille Docked

Camille Docked

Phyllis Beiser

Steve Henderson - Magenta in Zion

Magenta in Zion

Steve Henderson

Irving Starr - Castle In France

Castle In France

Irving Starr

Steve Henderson - Bold Innocence

Bold Innocence

Steve Henderson

Steve Henderson - Living on the Edge

Living on the Edge

Steve Henderson

Bonnie Mason - Country Morning

Country Morning

Bonnie Mason

Faye Anastasopoulou - Swan Lake

Swan Lake

Faye Anastasopoulou

Steve Henderson - Spring at Palouse Falls

Spring at Palouse Falls

Steve Henderson

Phyllis Kaltenbach - Surprise


Phyllis Kaltenbach

Sandy Haight - LuminEssence


Sandy Haight

Sandy Haight - Bleu Lumineux

Bleu Lumineux

Sandy Haight

Phyllis Beiser - Colorful Blue Crab

Colorful Blue Crab

Phyllis Beiser

Richard T Pranke - Boys in New York 1900

Boys in New York 1900

Richard T Pranke

Bonnie Mason - When Lilacs Bloomed

When Lilacs Bloomed

Bonnie Mason

Phyllis Beiser - Midnight Rhapsody

Midnight Rhapsody

Phyllis Beiser

Lillian  Bell - Columbine


Lillian Bell

Gilles Chagnon - Johnny Depp in Chapau

Johnny Depp in Chapau

Gilles Chagnon

Sharon Nelson-Bianco - Ibis On The Hunt

Ibis On The Hunt

Sharon Nelson-Bianco

Ricardo Maldonado - Autumn


Ricardo Maldonado

Christopher Reid - Noordhoek Farm Village

Noordhoek Farm Village

Christopher Reid

Christopher Reid - Sea Point Promenade

Sea Point Promenade

Christopher Reid

Christopher Reid - Boschenheuvel Plein Air

Boschenheuvel Plein Air

Christopher Reid

Debbie Davidsohn - Still Life with Silver

Still Life with Silver

Debbie Davidsohn

Sharon Nelson-Bianco - Chinese Iris

Chinese Iris

Sharon Nelson-Bianco

Christopher Reid - Fernkloof Fynbos

Fernkloof Fynbos

Christopher Reid

Anthony Bennett - Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf

Anthony Bennett

AnnaJo Vahle - Gray Catbird

Gray Catbird

AnnaJo Vahle

Marsha Reeves - Front Yard Tulips

Front Yard Tulips

Marsha Reeves

Anthony Bennett - Bald Eagles

Bald Eagles

Anthony Bennett

Steve Henderson - Gathering Thoughts

Gathering Thoughts

Steve Henderson

Christopher Reid - Cat Nap

Cat Nap

Christopher Reid

Steve Henderson - Kymberlynn


Steve Henderson

Phyllis Beiser - Lovely Fraida

Lovely Fraida

Phyllis Beiser

Marsha Reeves - Encounter


Marsha Reeves

Sharon Nelson-Bianco - Two Tropical Beauties

Two Tropical Beauties

Sharon Nelson-Bianco

Scott Sargent - Porkchop and Bacon

Porkchop and Bacon

Scott Sargent

Steve Henderson - Morning

Morning's Glory

Steve Henderson

Christopher Reid - Voelklip Reflections

Voelklip Reflections

Christopher Reid

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Portrait Demo 5

Portrait Demo 5

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Phyllis Beiser - Waiting On Mama

Waiting On Mama

Phyllis Beiser

Faye Anastasopoulou - Celestial Dream

Celestial Dream

Faye Anastasopoulou

Jimmie Bartlett - Cheetah


Jimmie Bartlett