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Water Bird Photography



Group Administrator

Al Powell Photography USA

Alligator Alley, Fl

United States

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This group was started on March 20th, 2011 and currently has:

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Water Bird Photography

About This Group

See and Share Wonderful Water Bird Photographs in this group.




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' When the occasion arises, you should go explore;
an abundance of surprises is what nature has in store.'

~Al Powell~

Featured Images

David Lee - Snow duck

Snow duck

David Lee

Beverly Elliott - One Two Three

One Two Three

Beverly Elliott

Jennifer White - Yes I

Yes I'm Gorgeous

Jennifer White

Susan Patrie - Fields of White

Fields of White

Susan Patrie

Laura Eklund - Dinner


Laura Eklund

Maria Aduke Alabi - Pelican in the shore

Pelican in the shore

Maria Aduke Alabi

John Bradley Leonard - Egret


John Bradley Leonard

Sebastien Chort - Contemplating bird

Contemplating bird

Sebastien Chort

Josephine Cavazos - Solo


Josephine Cavazos

Donald Hazlett - Osprey on a Limb

Osprey on a Limb

Donald Hazlett

John Franke - Great Blue

Great Blue

John Franke

Art Cole - Heron Hop

Heron Hop

Art Cole

Jasmin Dominguez - Love On The Beach

Love On The Beach

Jasmin Dominguez

Kristin Brown - Perfect Profile

Perfect Profile

Kristin Brown

Greg Wickenburg - The ConDUCKtor

The ConDUCKtor

Greg Wickenburg

Melissa Fague - Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret

Melissa Fague

Robin-Lee Vieira - Sounder


Robin-Lee Vieira

Helga Preiman - Swans at the seaside

Swans at the seaside

Helga Preiman

Christine Reinhart - Black Skimmer

Black Skimmer

Christine Reinhart

Wes and Dotty Weber - Heron In Snow

Heron In Snow

Wes and Dotty Weber

Luis Cifuentes - Swan Trio

Swan Trio

Luis Cifuentes

Al Powell Photography USA - Colorful Cormorant

Colorful Cormorant

Al Powell Photography USA

Gabriele Brancati - Flamingo


Gabriele Brancati

Liesl Walsh - Preening 3

Preening 3

Liesl Walsh

Evelyn Tambour - Heron Tapestry

Heron Tapestry

Evelyn Tambour

Marlin and Laura Hum - Blue Heron Reflections

Blue Heron Reflections

Marlin and Laura Hum

Amina Dabbashi - Bird


Amina Dabbashi

L Gardenhire - Plunge


L Gardenhire

Michael Sepehri - Pelican


Michael Sepehri

Jeff Warneck - Eye-Spy


Jeff Warneck

Susan Clay - Geese


Susan Clay

Michael Peychich - Trumpeter Swans 9771

Trumpeter Swans 9771

Michael Peychich

Nadia Seme - Canada Proud

Canada Proud

Nadia Seme

Laurel Powell - Single Duckling

Single Duckling

Laurel Powell

Ian McGregor - Mallard By The Lake

Mallard By The Lake

Ian McGregor

John Radosevich - Pelican Profile

Pelican Profile

John Radosevich

John Prickett - Success


John Prickett

Edie Ann Mendenhall - Double Take

Double Take

Edie Ann Mendenhall

Morris Finkelstein - Mallard In Autumn

Mallard In Autumn

Morris Finkelstein

Jack Contie - See No Evil Swans

See No Evil Swans

Jack Contie

Steve Kelly - The Fonz

The Fonz

Steve Kelly

Dawn Currie - Lesson in Foraging

Lesson in Foraging

Dawn Currie

Inge Riis McDonald - Walking on Water

Walking on Water

Inge Riis McDonald

Rachel Nusz - Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Rachel Nusz

Susan Ballinger - Osprey


Susan Ballinger

Happy Home Artistry - Scarlet Ibis

Scarlet Ibis

Happy Home Artistry

Cherie Taylor - Flamingo


Cherie Taylor

Pablo Rodriguez Merkel -  Speckled Teal

Speckled Teal

Pablo Rodriguez Merkel

Norman Vedder - Mom and Chick

Mom and Chick

Norman Vedder

Douglas Martin - Penguin


Douglas Martin

Michael Plotczyk - Five Pink Flamingos

Five Pink Flamingos

Michael Plotczyk

Flying Z Photography By Zayne Diamond - A Leg Up, Brown Pelican

A Leg Up, Brown Pelican

Flying Z Photography By Zayne Diamond

Dani McEvoy - Leg Up

Leg Up

Dani McEvoy

Helen Kubik - Coots In Love

Coots In Love

Helen Kubik

Loree Johnson - Wings in the Forest

Wings in the Forest

Loree Johnson

Lana Raffensperger - I Got It

I Got It

Lana Raffensperger

Evie Hanlon - I Was Just Saying

I Was Just Saying

Evie Hanlon

Prashant Meswani - Mute Swan

Mute Swan

Prashant Meswani

Larry Hitchens - Red Crested Porchard

Red Crested Porchard

Larry Hitchens

Stacy Heller - Grooming


Stacy Heller

Delphine Ross - Great White Heron 2

Great White Heron 2

Delphine Ross

Amy Jackson - White Egret

White Egret

Amy Jackson

Al Powell Photography USA - Steely Snowy

Steely Snowy

Al Powell Photography USA

Pierre-Jean Parra - Watching the sunset

Watching the sunset

Pierre-Jean Parra

Michele Hancock - All in a Row

All in a Row

Michele Hancock

Krysta Bertoli - Flying Mute Swan

Flying Mute Swan

Krysta Bertoli

Wendy Gertz - Nap Time

Nap Time

Wendy Gertz

Gaby Swanson - Bon appetite

Bon appetite

Gaby Swanson

Bob Christopher - Flamingos Bolivia 1

Flamingos Bolivia 1

Bob Christopher

Felix Lai - The Blue Heron

The Blue Heron

Felix Lai

Karol Waszkiewicz - Great crested grebe

Great crested grebe

Karol Waszkiewicz