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Wonder of Wings

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Wonder Of WingsPLEASE READ:
1. LIVING ADULT Bats, Birds & Insects ONLY (Spiders are not Insects)
2. Bats/Birds/Insects must be the MAIN SUBJECT and fill most of the image
3. All media accepted - the original must be your own work
4. No added wording on images other than your signature and/or image title
5. No people or parts of people (hands, feet, faces etc.) to be in the image
6. No Bats/Birds/Insects made to look Human including wearing clothes
7. No abstract images - must be relatively realistic
8. No images of only feathers - must show at least the head of the bird
9. No caged/captive/confined/dead/dying/distressed/pinned/in danger/being eaten or about to be eaten Bats/Birds/Insects
10. No eggs/larvae/pupae/carapaces/caterpillars/cocoons/chicks/ducklings - must have full wings or an ADULT of the SAME SPECIES in the image

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- Regular Contests

Flying Avocet by Judi Dressler

Adult Birds In or On the Water - 8 September 2022

Wall Art

Joint 2nd Place
Wall Art

3rd Place
Art Prints


Siene Browne

Sydney, NSW


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This group was started on July 12th, 2020.