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Zoo Photography

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Zoo PhotographyAll animals that have been capture in a zoo or animal sanctuary environment welcome here, 3 per day upload ONLY.

No images of snared animals allowed to be shared here. No amount of cruelty to any animals will be tolerated what so ever. Your images and yourself will be removed from this group.

Quality images at best and try as best to remove all cases of 'fences and/or enclosures', trying your best to capture the animals as they may appear in it's own natural habitat.

NO Pets, no wildlife, no exceptions :( If in doubt, leave it out ..... or contact me for clarification.

The description of this group can be updated at any given time, so please check back often to keep yourselves refreshed and up to date.

Updated - 14/02/2018


Jay Lethbridge

Newton Abbot

United Kingdom

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This group was started on February 14th, 2018.