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Featured Painters

Scott Listfield

Scott paintings depict a lonely astronaut exploring both the everday and the fantastic here on Earth.


Linda Woods

Each artwork Linda Woods creates is a story told in color, texture, and symbolism. Combining words and images, Linda's art pieces capture the energy of the city, illuminate the Zen in the garden, and reveal the hidden stories in every-day life.


Guido Borelli

Guido Borelli da Caluso was born in 1952 in Caluso, Italy, at the foothills of the Italian Alps. Guido's painting style is influenced by the Italian realistic style beginning in the 1900's - especially by the artists Boldini and De Nittis. Inspired by the movement of shadows, his oil paintings reflect nature as their focal points depicting Italian landscapes, homes, and villas of Northern Italy and the Alps.


Amy Hamilton

Amy is a graphic designer and illustrator from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She uses both digital and traditional mediums such as graphite, gouache, and ink to create dream-like animal portraits and nature-inspired illustrations.


Juan Bosco

Juan is a professional painter and architect from Frankfurt, Germany.

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