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FON-NJ Has Appointed To Uttam Nepal As A Goodwill Ambassador For Nepal

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 FON-NJ Has Appointed To Uttam Nepal As A Goodwill Ambassador For Nepal

December 28th, 2011 - Kathmandu, Ne

Mr. Uttam Nepal, an Artist/Painter and Cartoonist/Illustrator has been appointed to be Friends of Nepal New Jersey's (FON-NJ) 'GOODWILL AMBASSADOR. He has been painting since his childhood. His painting work focuses on ''Human Philosophy, Human Sensitivity, Human Sentiments, Environment and Nature''.

Mr. Nepal started to work as a cartooning since 2000 A.D. from various weekly and magazine papers. He has worked with the Himalaya Times and Rajdhani Vernacular Daily and working as an Illustrator in many organizations in Nepal and abroad.

As a GOODWILL AMBASSADOR, Mr. Nepal will help young generation to get involved in the world of Art and visit various schools to share his knowledge. He is currently working on a special project to develop a booklet to teach American-Nepali youth about Nepali culture and tradition.

FON-NJ is a non-profit organization in the state of New Jersey, USA. Organization is involved in promoting and developing social and cultural heritage of Nepal. It provides educational and business opportunities for children and women in Nepal. It's activities are dedicated towards opening avenues of communication and dialogue among people of Nepal and concerned well wisher from the US. FONNJ provides more than 125 scholarships, micro-credit project for underprivileged women, Goat distribution to Dalits and several Library and educational projects in Nepal. For more information about FONNJ visit www.fonnj.org.


Dr. Tulsi Maharjan ,


Friends Of Nepal New Jersey (FON-NJ)


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