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Between Two Worlds Paradoxical Rooms By Federica Colletti

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Between Two Worlds Paradoxical Rooms By Federica Colletti

November 7th, 2019 - Roma, Ro



A place of choice for this Roman artist, unveiled by Mikeshake on the net, who becomes a "real" artist in its own right. Mikeshake loves Federica Colletti ...

Federica Colletti is a final year student in communication and marketing psychology and has been an artist for over two years. She began to mix famous paintings, through technical digital collage, such as Sara Shakeel and other great artists. At first, the works of famous masters were at the center of her work, but the longer she continued, the more she needed to create something more personal. The classical works, over the months, took less and less space in his works, becoming more and more nuanced. Among the most recent projects, his paradoxical pieces have a dreamlike flavor, born of a multitude of thoughts left free to circulate by pouring into a unique representation. Federica explains that "Of some of them, probably, I am not aware either, but it is of relative importance, I like the observer to be able to decide what they mean for him. works there are recurring themes: time, space, illusion, resilience, hope, memory, freedom, research, dissociation, dependence, growth, dreams, subjectivity. " Her series 'Between two worlds' contains so many meanings, we can say that it represents a condition of suspension and who belong. Two worlds, but also two epochs of life, apparently very different, but identical substance (the form of the ruined asylum and the living room that seems to be are both characterized by a state of abandonment). The rooms (the two ceilings / floors, the picture can be rotated) symbolize the ages. The work was largely inspired by Thomas Mann's phrase "I am between two worlds and none of them are at home", reinterpreted in a perspective that links time and identity. of each, parts of them are also relegated.Return there, it is to see them again.And sometimes, do not recognize yourself.The suspension symbolizes a being & quot; other & quot; of what one has We are now a being '' elsewhere '', a condition in which time is above all a psychic place.The image can be seen both by inverting it, but also by transforming it into a loop which represents wandering between places that embody both past and future, a circular time that belongs to those who are still seeking and waiting to meet.

Mikeshake likes to discover and see young talents grow. Federica responds: "I think one of the greatest satisfactions of this year, as far as art is concerned, was to see the concrete confirmation of what was born as a game, turning into passion. In 2019 I attended two exhibitions in Rome and in a few weeks there will be two more, one in Turin and one in Rome.I do not know where this trip will take me, but I know he has me given a new life ".

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