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Prestigious Academic Journal Showcases Work By FAA And SAA Artist Aberjhani

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Prestigious Academic Journal Showcases Work By FAA And SAA Artist Aberjhani

August 20th, 2022 - Savannah, Ga

Artist and author Aberjhani debuted his Silk-Featherbrush Artstyle at Fine Art America five years ago, but the newest collection his works employing the highly-original style made its debut in August in the 2022 edition of the Flannery O’Connor Review.

In addition to featuring his work on the publication’s cover, the review contains a full 9-page section which includes original images along with poetry and an artist’s statement.broihier

“This honor is a very special one because the review is celebrating twentieth and fiftieth anniversaries,” said Aberjhani. “O’Connor’s voice is still among the most influential in American and world literature. And we were both born in Savannah, Georgia, so I welcome this opportunity to add my voice as an artist and poet to global conversations concerning the nature and significance of her writings.”

The artist, who is also a member of the Savannah Art Association, added that such conversations are particularly important during these days of what some refer to as “culture wars.” The theme of most of the artwork in the new collection reflects some of the same social and spiritual concerns found in O’Connor’s short fiction and novels.

At least for a time, the images will be available for viewing exclusively in the pages of the magazine, making the publication a genuine collector’s item. Plans are under consideration to place a number of prints from the collection on sale for the upcoming winter holidays. However, different selections of Flannery O’Connor themed art by Aberjhani, as well as a larger collection of Silk-Featherbrush Artstyle products, are already available on FAA at: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/posteredchromatic-poetics?tab=artworkgalleries&artworkgalleryid=942249

The 2022 collectible edition of the Flannery O’Connor Review may be purchased at this link: https://upay.gcsu.edu/C20792_ustores/web/store_cat.jsp?STOREID=3&CATID=9&SINGLESTORE=true . Or email: oconnor@gcsu.edu .

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