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SAA And FAA Artist Tackles Climate Change In New Airport Art Exhibit

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SAA And FAA Artist Tackles Climate Change In New Airport Art Exhibit

November 22nd, 2021 - Savannah, Ga

The new “Narrative” themed group exhibit at the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport Art Gallery, curated by the Savannah Art Association (SAA), features three new works by Fine Art America (FAA) artist Aberjhani. The new show opened at the beginning of October and will remain on display at the airport until January 7, 2022.

SAA, of which Aberjhani is also a member, recently made the news for another art exhibit on the ground floor of the Savannah airport. The second exhibit was coordinated in partnership with the One Hundred Miles coastal conservation group and artwork for it depicts scenes from the state of Georgia’s 100-mile coastline. According to Aberjhani, his images in the Narratives exhibition illustrates both themes because of what they communicate about the current climate crisis and its impact on human migrations.

“Most of us know a lot of people, like Afghans and Syrians, have been driven out of heir homelands by war,” said Aberjhani. “What many don’t realize is that countless others are fleeing drought and flooding conditions caused by extreme climate change. What I hope the photography and artwork I have in the exhibit makes clear is that none of us are immune to the climate crisis.”

His Narrative art show images include: a color photograph titled “Professor Hurricane’s Lecture on Climate Change No. 1”; a black and white photo titled “Professor Hurricane’s Lecture on Climate Change No. 2”; and a Silk-Featherbrush Artstyle digital painting titled “Planetary Consequence of Human Indifference.”

The photographs are first-generation prints, never before publicly viewed, of devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in downtown Savannah in 2016. Both are powerfully dramatic but some might consider the B&W particularly haunting for its depiction of Forsyth Park’s Confederate Monument at the center of battered and fallen giant oaks. (It was taken on the same day as the artist’s popular “The Hurricane and the Confederate Monument” color photograph but is different.) The Silk-Featherbrush Artstyle painting is an energetic composition which brings to mind such destructive forces as tornadoes, wildfires, and glacial melting.

The artist has often expressed his concern for environment issues both through book publications like “Dreams of the Immortal City Savannah,” and in different visual creations. “It’s my belief,” he said, “that unless we start addressing climate change more seriously and aggressively, it’s not going to matter where people run to because the impact is going to be felt everywhere in one form or another.”

In addition to preparing new works to debut on Fine Art America for the fall and winter holiday season, Aberjhani is completing a book-length project on the COVID-19 pandemic. You can learn more about his artwork at Fine Art America and on Pixels.com at https://posteredchromatic-poetics.pixels.com/. To read his blogs, check out his experimental podcast, or learn about his books, visit https://www.author-poet-aberjhani.info/.

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