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November 29th, 2008 - Hudson, NY



New work by The Love Artist

December 6 – January 16


THE FITTING: a true love performance

& Selections from the CRUSH MUSEUM

~ special featured crush GRETCHEN KELLY


433 Warren Street

Hudson, NY

518 828 6290

“I hold onto the word bardo like a talisman . . . I love the way it sounds on my lips. It makes this

awkward time in my life where I feel ~ I must give up everything I think I am to be who I am ~ & it

makes this feeling romantic . . like being in love, it becomes an excuse for everything . .“


In the Tibetan tradition the term BARDO means literally “between the two” or an

intermediary state when one has left one state and is in the process of becoming another,

often referring to the migration between death and rebirth. The artist’s studio can be

easily compared to the bardo, where creation takes place over and over and again,

seemingly out of nothing: recycled vision, materials, intuition and inspiration. When the

art calls itself relational or love, the studio becomes the life and the life becomes the

studio, then the very bardo itself, the small & in between particulars of life, can become

the work.

This December there is a special Christmas treat in the new (hi)story Gallery in

Hudson – Vilma Mare’s iconoclastic venue that mixes fashion, art, life & love – The

Love Artist (TLA) Kathe Izzo returns with her first participatory private love

performance in Hudson since 2003: THE FITTING and also offers a rare view into the

artist’s CRUSH MUSEUM, a collection of framed ephemera – notes, journal entries,

snapshots & tiny scraps of paper, collected over a lifetime of loving as art, featuring

special crush of the moment, NY painter GRETCHEN KELLY, whose fluid nude

portraits rival Izzo’s natural intimacy, and a selection of paintings/writings from Kelly &

TLA’s crush/muse relationship.

Kathe Izzo began her life as The Love Artist in 2001, just a few short months after the

death of her mother and the tragedy of 9/11, putting her life, and body on the line in the

conceptual True Love Project – falling in love with the world as an ongoing art

performance -- one person, one day at a time, regardless of geographic location, age,

gender, or sexuality.

KATHE IZZO – writer, lover and conceptual artist will freely fall in love with you, unconditionally and with unmitigated passion,

for one day. On this day you will be in energetic contact with Kathe as much as is physically and emotionally possible. You will not

be rushed and you will share your day with no one, unless you choose the advanced love option. There is no need for physical

contact, although live appointments are generally preferred. Satisfaction guaranteed. For further options, more information and

an appointment schedule please email: theloveartist@gmail.com

The original True Love Project began as purely conceptual and telepathic form of

intimacy, one akin to long distance prayer, where Izzo dedicated herself to her

prospective “lovers” without meeting, sometimes without even procuring a last name, but

soon moved into in-person meetings, privately – in homes, offices, on the street – as well

as gallery and museum Love Theatre installations around the world.

After several years away from this classical format of loving the world one person at a

time to work on a love manual/memoir, Izzo returns to her in-person love performances

with THE FITTING, where she will schedule a few exclusive appointments in the

atelier atmosphere of Mare’s quasi-Victorian, post modern dress shop/gallery, loving &

receiving love in front of the mirror in the midst of the Christmas shopping commotion &

commercial buzz. Appointments for THE FITTING are exclusively one-on-one with

the artist and available on Sunday afternoons. Write: thefittingproject@gmail.com for

appointment times and availability.

The CRUSH MUSEUM is a on-going collection of the detritus of a love life and is,

again, rarely seen in public ~ highly intimate ephemera from a lifetime of loving. It

includes love letters, phone numbers, mysterious found objects & snapshots archivally

preserved and cherished in gold leaf frames and glass. In addition to selections from the

archive, BARDO will feature paintings by NYC/Hudson artist Gretchen Kelly

documenting the current nascent and auspicious beginnings of Kelly and Izzo’s

artist/muse friendship. The series of paintings incorporate Izzo in the bathtub with

writings culled from her upcoming book HOW TO BE A LOVE ARTIST.

In a recent New York Times (10/31/08) article, Roberta Smith spoke of the “seemingly

mundane yet profound life lessons” that proved both content and medium in the current

show up at the Guggenheim “theanyspacewhatever,” a show curated with the concept of

‘relational aesthetics’ at it’s core:

“the goal of ‘relational aesthetics” is less to overthrow the museum than to turn it upside

down, wreaking temporary havoc with its conventions and the visitor’s expectations of

awe-inspiring objects by revered masters. The larger point is to resensitize people to

their everyday surroundings and, moreover, to one another in a time when so much –

technology, stress, shopping – conspires against human connection.”

These relational aesthetics ARE content, form, heart and soul of the work of THE LOVE

ARTIST. When intimacy is the genre, Izzo is the mistress.

"That afternoon they met on the palazzo outside the art museum. He saw her first: trim with swelling lips, a

brunet with shoulder-length hair in curls, older than he but with better skin. She had beautiful skin. He

touched her shoulder and she turned and kissed him, rubbed the cool wet underside of her top lip across

his . . .They talked about love. He did not believe at first but she explained it. ''There are a million love

experiences every day,'' she told him. "People love you. Just not in the way that you want.''

Nicholas Spangler, The Miami Herald

"The thought of Kathe loving me all day was unexpectedly touching, and idea I found myself stroking from

time to time like an amulet, because it made me feel special, lucky. . . Such strong, detached devotion made

me feel small like a kid, cause this is the way god and Santa loves, invisible and always."

Michelle Tea, Nerve.com

(hi)story gallery and luxury sartorial showroom by Vilma Maré: contemporary and

postmodern art presented with luxury designer clothes' by Vilma Maré, striking in

concept and presentation, is in the midst of the busy antiques street of Hudson,

NY. We extend the Hudson Valley painter Friedrich Church's name for Olana, "the

center of the world" into our created spaces. The context of our town is encapsulated in

periods like Rococo, Federal, Victorian etc. because Warren Street is full of exclusive

antique dealers, ecologically and heritage-conscious intelligentia and great places to stay

and dine.






watercolors by GRETCHEN KELLY in love collaboration with THE LOVE ARTIST, 2008

THE LOVE ARTIST & GRETCHEN KELLY in love/process, 2008

THE LOVE ARTIST photo by Mr. Kingsley 2008


New work by The Love Artist

December 6 – January 1


433 Warren Street

Hudson, NY

518 828 6290

Friday 12-7pm

Saturday 11-7PM

Sunday 11-5PM

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