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Andres Cavazos - Artist

About Andres Cavazos

Learn more about Andres Cavazos from Austin, TX - United States.

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Hello and thank you for checking out my page,

I hope that as you get to know more about me and my perspective, you'll find an interesting take on images that may seem familiar, but are undeniably unique in their own right.

Photography, on a basic level, is about light. Light brings us clarity and focus. It gives us the ability to distinguish shape and form. It gives us perspective and a sense of time and space. It shows us the contrast and colors of everyday life. It gives us clarity. And through this clarity, we find truth.

Don Miguel Ruiz wrote in the Four Agreements '...light is the messenger of life, because it is alive and contains all information.'

Light is what shapes our physical world and gives us the information to interpret our environment. It is the truth that we all live by and accept, as the world at large. And through Photography, we can transported to another time, another place, a memory, an idea, or some past experience. These images are a representation of the ever passing moment where truth lives in light.

My passion for creating art often takes me to far off places, driven by curiosity and sense of adventure, I am free spirit who marches to the rhythm of my own drum. For me, life is about exploring and photography is a way to capture the journey, experience the beauty, and finding meaning in it all. Though I've been into photography since I was a kid, I haven't always made my work available outside of random social media posts in low resolution. I have many images that I will eventually upload from over the years, as well as, current ones.

I hope that anyone who buys something knows, that that Image holds a real emotional value to me, and someone who enjoys it, only reaffirms that I should share that beauty with the world.

Please feel free to contact me directly to make any special arrangements.

Thank you,

Andres Cavazos
Photographer, Art Collector, Multi-Media Artist

Andres Cavazos joined Fine Art America on August 21st, 2018.