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Bonnie McKeegan - Artist

About Bonnie McKeegan

Learn more about Bonnie McKeegan from Grass Valley, California - United States.

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I am a Mindful Creative emerging from the limitations of the critic who's lived in my head since childhood. Creativity is therapeutic, it's survival, built into our brains as human beings so that we may overcome challenges, solve problems, process experiences, and tell our stories to those who need to know them, including ourselves.

Who said you can't draw, paint, or use other mediums like creative writing or photography to express yourself? My purpose here is not to present art showpieces. My purpose is to rewire the critic's voice in my head into a gentle, encouraging one who says, 'yes, you can' rather than 'no, you can't so don't even try.' This means being vulnerable, putting the results of my mindfully creative art out into the world where criticism and judgment is the normal response. It means being vulnerable, listening to the critic's harsh judgment, thanking her for the valuable lessons, and letting her opinion float on by like a paper boat on a gentle creek.

It means creating mindfully, in the moment experiencing the process as I notice the critic's continual jabs, and not giving up until the process is complete. It'll take a lifetime of practice.

You, too, can learn. I dare you to give creativity a try.

I blog over at www.bonniemckeeganauthor.wordpress.com.

Bonnie McKeegan joined Fine Art America on July 10th, 2020.