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About Musings-on-Art

Learn more about Musings-on-Art from San Francisco, CA - United States.

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Musings-on-Art.org is an educational resource for anyone interested in learning more about the world of art, as well as collecting art. We provide articles on artists, art movements, the art processes and art reviews from around the world. Most of our articles are written by professional working artists, which gives our readers a unique point-of-view about the artwork being discussed. Our artists-writers also recommend books that we carry in our bookstore. In addition to our educational mission, Musings on Art® represents award-winning established artists from around the world, making their artwork available for sale. We are a direct importer of Russian art from the Soviet Era offering the best of Soviet Realism, Russian Impressionism and the Leningrad School of Painting. In our print shop we have a large collection of limited edition prints of masters works from all periods in history at very reasonable prices.

> Please visit https://musings-on-art.org

Musings-on-Art joined Fine Art America on February 11th, 2017.