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Cynthia Ackley Nunn is a photographer and the author of historical nonfiction books.   Most of her published books feature her location photography.   She loves nothing better than a good mental challenge.   Her favorite writing projects are those which require in-depth research to solve a puzzle or mystery, encouraging her readers to explore a topic further.   Her 35+ years of experience as a researcher helps her to seek out facts and bring clarity to the historical people, places and events she writes about.   Her other passion is photography, where she can use...more
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Graffiti Art Underground

Simi Valley, CA - May 20th, 2015

A photographic collection of vibrantly colorful graffiti art captured in an underground tunnel, now available in a hard copy magazine or digital file. Over twenty-one pieces of artwork, and if you purchase the magazine copy you can remove pages, frame, and hang on your wall! To purchase a Digital Download visit our Sellfy site here: Buy now For a hard copy magazine visit our Magcloud site:

Street Art Galore

Simi Valley, CA - May 20th, 2015

Treasure of amazing, vibrant street art / graffiti found while hiking in a wilderness area!

March 2014 Issue Now Available

Simi Valley, CA - February 26th, 2014

February Issue Now Available

Simi Valley, CA - January 24th, 2014

The February 2014 issue is now available! You will notice that there are TWO February issues. This is because we had so many excellent cover submissions that we couldn't pick just one! So... Issue 1 features a front cover designed by Daliana Pacuraru of Romania, inside back cover by Brigitte Cadena of Texas and back cover by Georgi Dimitrov of Russia. Issue 2 features a front cover designed by Mike Nellums of Rhode Island, inside back cover by Brigitte Cadena of Texas and back cover by Anthony Citro of Arizona. Both issues contain the same article content. The Table of Contents for this issue is as follows.... 2 - Editor's Page 4 - Cover Winners 6 - Boundless Love 10 - The Wizard of Coronado Island 16 - Locks of Love 20 - Expressions of Love 23 - Fun with Photography 27 - Steampunk Revolution 30 - Getting My Kicks on R...

Eye On Fine Art Photography Magazine - February

Simi Valley, CA - January 18th, 2014

The February issue of our magazine should be available next week! This is the content line-up.... Editor's Page Cover Winners Boundless Love The Wizard of Coronado Island Locks of Love Expressions of Love Fun with Photography Steampunk Revolution Getting My Kicks on Route 66 It's About Time – Martin Sanchez Love Is Not Candy A Lover's Feast Valentine's Day Recipes Marianne Osiel – Sophistication w/ a Bohemian Twist Temecula Is For Lovers Sweetheart Abbey Saddell Abbey Going Lo-Fi in a Digital World with the Recesky Photography Make-up Encounter With A Red Tail Randsburg Heart (image) Say It With Roses Make Your Own Rainbow Roses Animal Magnetism Best Friends (image) Submit to Our Magazine

Available Now

Simi Valley, CA - December 26th, 2013

Digital Diary Submissions

Simi Valley, CA - November 14th, 2013

Hello Group, I am putting out an invitation for any who are interested to submit to our Digital Diary section of the Eye on Fine Art Photography magazine. Every month we will include three submissions for this section, which will be all about YOU, the submitter! Here is how it works... You take five or six photographs of your town, your home, you with a favorite pet, things you do for fun, and with each image provide a short history or story about its significance. If you send in any photos that contain other people who are obviously identifiable you will need to also send in a signed Model Release. Also, if one of your favorite places to go is a McDonald's, Starbucks, etc... please do NOT include the name of the place or a photo showing it's trademark since so many companies are now getting a bit cranky about copyright infringement. You can also include information about your town...

Eye On Fine Art Photography Magazine Updates

Simi Valley, CA - November 14th, 2013

Thought I would bring everyone up to speed with the progress of our January Premiere issue of Eye on Fine Art Photography Magazine. We have been pleasantly surprised with the amount of support and interest we have gained from so many people. Co-Owner / Editor Tommy "The Cowboy Photographer" Anderson has been kept busy running all over the State of California doing interviews and photo shoots. So far he has covered a Civil War reenactment event in Moorpark, CA., an interview with Alan Douglas, who owns a Jurassic Park jeep, and Tommy has interviews lined up at Sony Studios to interview the owners of famous movie cars Christine and the DeLorean from the movie Back to the Future. Also in the lineup are interviews with the owners of Kitt from the Night Rider television series and the Ectomobile from Ghostbusters. This Saturday I have been invited to cover a local event where writers and arti...


Simi Valley, CA - October 27th, 2013

"EYE ON FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY" - Monthly Magazine “The world through your eyes” We are announcing our new monthly magazine for photographers, enthusiasts, and retailers. Our new Magazine “Eye on Fine Art Photography” is just that. We are a legally owned magazine, registered in the State of California, under our company name, C&T Publishing. It is a magazine aimed at those photographers who have an exceptional eye for photography, photographers who create art through their photography and want to get noticed throughout the country. Photographers who have developed techniques that they would like to promote and share. Marketing tips and help. Invitational Shows, and much more. Our aim is to get those deserving photographers and those who create art through their photography noticed through out the country, generate sales and help market your work. We also a...

Passion For Pinups

Simi Valley, CA - September 10th, 2013

Good morning everyone! This is a courtesy "heads up" about the upcoming Passion for Pinups contest, which will be accepting submissions starting on Saturday, September 14th, and will allow 10 days to submit. This is a JURIED contest with 8 jurors/judges, two of whom are experts in the genre of pinup art. The contest is being sponsored by The Pinup Files and Digital Pinup Magazine, who are also offering the prizes. The fantastic thing about this contest is that sponsors are not disallowed from contacting ANY contest entrants for future exposure via their website/magazine, so everyone has a chance to come out a winner in this, even if they don't win the actual contest. We want to provide as much exposure and as many opportunities as possible to up-and-coming pinup artists. This contest is receiving extensive promotion before and during the event via website advertisement and social m...

This Months Featured Artists

Simi Valley, CA - October 12th, 2012

This month's featured artists at are: John Telfer Chrisann Ellis Marilyn Smith Kip DeVore Also, the 1st Place winner of the Victorian with a Twist of Steampunk, sponsored by my group of the same name, will also be featured on the site. My apologies to the winner for not putting them on sooner. Having the flu has slowed me down a bit this week :) If you would like to be a featured artist in future months just send me a message. Also, if you have compiled or written a book, I also feature author/writers. Best Regards, Cindy

Not So Dead Ghost Town

Simi Valley, CA - October 10th, 2012

Photographer Cindy Nunn announces that the ghost town of Randsburg, California is still very much alive and kicking and she can prove it! Although the ghosts of miners past, hearty pioneer women and ornery "fallen women" outnumber the living in this Mojave Desert town, just step into the White House Saloon or The Joint and you will see that more lively "spirits" still reside here. Gold was discovered here in 1895 and it didn't take long for the small tent camp to grow into a flourishing, busy boom town, where the first wedding in the town, in 1897, was conducted in a skating rink! Unlike other so-called ghost towns where most, if not all of the buildings are modern creations, Randsburg retains its original buildings, many of which are still being lived in or operating businesses. Cindy has put together a colorful and fascinating collection of photographs into a book so that othe...

Love Those Depots

Simi Valley, CA - October 10th, 2012

Hear that whistle blowing as the old steam locomotive chugs its way into the old Santa Susana train depot, clouds of smoke billowing from the stack while onlookers wait with anticipation for its arrival. A much loved historic landmark in photographer Cindy Nunn's hometown, the Old Santa Susana train depot, built in 1903 by the Southern Pacific Railroad, served the communities of Santa Susana and Simi Valley for over 60 years. After years of falling into decay the entire structure was divided into three sections and moved to its current location, where it was lovingly and expertly restored back to its original glory. As a child Cindy was fascinated with this old building as it sat forlornly alongside the tracks slowly falling into decay and disrepair, a forsaken Grand Old Dame who had lost her sparkle. Now, fully restored in her new location, this Southern Pacific Gem shines again i...

Photographer Cindy Nunn Launches New Website

Simi Valley, CA - September 11th, 2012

Cindy Nunn has launched a new website to promote her photography, books and associated gift items. As a moderator of a number of groups Cindy is also utilizing space on her site to promote other artists and authors. Additionally, she will be featuring 1st Place winners of any contests she runs at Fine Art America. There is currently one space open for this month's featured authors, so if you have created a book of your art that you would like to promote please contact Cindy for inclusion.