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Welcome to the gallery of Norwegian artist Hakon Soreide.   Drawing on a mixture of inspirations, I am such contrasting things as a former naval officer, a published poet, a keen photographer, enthusiastic synthesizer, recorder and native american flute player, and one day during Christmas 1999 - completely by chance - I also discovered I knew how to paint.   My work spans a wide variety of styles and media, all the way from traditional oils, pencil drawings and encaustics to digital paintings, 3D renderings and computer generated imagery, with styles ranging from the completely abstract to the sensually...more
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Digital Art Moment of Inspiration 3D

Moment of Inspiration (or MoI for short) is a 3D construction program that I started using December 2013, wanting to get more into 3D modelling after so many years of concentrating on two dimensions. It is one of the easiest to use 3D programs, the user interface not getting in the way of one's creativity, and hence it has a suitable name.

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