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PK Langley - Artist

About PK Langley

Learn more about PK Langley from Tampa, FL - United States.

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I am a wife and mother who loves life. I have been fortunate to have lived in East Africa and did so on about $25 a month! Sometimes you have to just take a chance and step out there to do something they all say you can't. I have had great adventures and have stood in front of literally thousands of people along the way. I love to teach and share things that I consider beneficial.

It's something when you cross over that fifty year mark in life. You begin to take stock of all that you've done and more importantly, realize what you really want to do with the time you have left. I have written millions of words over the years. I wish that I had published those words so that perhaps more of the knowledge I have gained would be out there right now. I hope to pass on what I've learned and help others to grow as human beings.

I do mental health assessments every day with people that are struggling. I have realized that most people I get to meet want a complicated answer for their problems because they view them to be complicated. If I could teach people one important thing, it would be to allow room for the simple answer. The smallest piece of advice may be the very thing that changes your life, as it has mine. Perhaps in the stories I tell you will find those nuggets and put them in your pocket to share again with someone who needs it.

All the Best,
PK Langley

PK Langley joined Fine Art America on July 6th, 2019.