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Infusing your home with color and character is the aim of Lynda Goldman, a full time abstract artist.   Her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree took a long detour into writing 44 books with three major publishers, and coaching more than 25 health providers to becoming bestselling authors.   She recently returned to her first love, playing with colors, shapes and lines, in acrylics, inks and pastels.   Join her on Instagram at lynda.goldman.   Get her free report: 5 Steps to Decorate Your Home with Art You Love, Straight from an Artist, at www.LyndaGoldmanFineArt.com
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Results: 5

Results: 5

 Painting - Hold on to the Moment by Lynda Goldman

Hold on to the Moment Print

Lynda Goldman


 Painting - Spring Break by Lynda Goldman

Spring Break Print

Lynda Goldman


 Painting - Golden Overture by Lynda Goldman

Golden Overture Print

Lynda Goldman


 Painting - Birth by Lynda Goldman

Birth Print

Lynda Goldman


 Painting - A Perfect Day by Lynda Goldman

A Perfect Day Print

Lynda Goldman




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