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I studied art in Grad School where I received a MA in Photography and Video Art.   I was a child of the 60s, a teenager of the 70s.   I think the first artwork that captivated me as a child was Hans Hoffman's painting Yellow Burst, soon to be followed by Van Goghs Sunflowers.   I guess I was drawn to the thick Impasto paint.   My current artwork explores the power pictures and images to manipulate, seduce, persuade or coerce an audience regarding a given subject or issue.   Im pleased by the success of Shepard Fairey in selling overtly political art which seems to...more
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Environmental Art

I have championed environmental awareness all my life, from my early days as a child when I focused on practical tasks like cleaning litter from the streets, until today as an adult, where my concerns are wider and more broad reaching. I am concerned the lure of money and profits may have blinded some in business and government to the dangers of their toxic leftovers and industrial waste products that inevitably will find their way into our bodies.

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