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Joel Smith - Artist

About Joel Smith

Learn more about Joel Smith from Piedmont Region, MD - United States.

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Long ago when I was in high school, two passions began to wrestle for dominance inside me, the world of science and the world of art. In particular I was drawn to biology and oil painting at the same time. I struggled to merge these conflicting realities of facts and emotions, trying to determine which should prevail in my life. After many decades of internal 'war,' the best I've been able to do is merge a career as a field biologist with habitat engineering, and also pursue painting as a pastime.

I'm happy to report that some time ago I found the secrets to resolving my early conflicts between art and science. I am forever grateful for having the privilege of devoting myself to the arts, sciences and humanities in the way I did, for I'm sure I am a better person for it. In this gallery you will find scenes from places where I reside, as well as those beyond my home state of Maryland. They include landscapes, waterscapes, portraits, wildlife, nature, places traveled, still life, and peopled scenes. In some way all these artworks have inspired me and added meaning to my life. I enjoy creating paintings on canvas in oils and acrylics, and also photography with digital painting on a wide variety of subjects.

The rural Piedmont of Maryland is my home, and I have been enthralled with its landscapes for decades, especially the change of seasons and the ecology of varied habitats, streams, fields and forests. Even so, traveling to other regions and countries to experience their cultures and customs has also occupied me over the years, and I have been inspired in my painting by those experiences. I see beauty everywhere, and get excited about sharing that beauty and inspiration with others. This then, is the primary reason for establishing this gallery for you and others to enjoy.

Joel Smith joined Fine Art America on October 21st, 2019.