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I studied textile design in Liverpool, England but now live in the small fishing village in south east Spain.   I am interested in the culture, landscape, life and colours of the country which have influenced my work for the last few years.   My two main areas of interest are portrait painting in soft pastels or acrylics, and depicting the symbol of the Indalo man, on all types of media including canvas and local pebble stones.   The Indalo is a rainbow-man type figure which was originally found painted on the wall of caves in Velez Blanco, Andalucía dating back to 4000BC.   This...more
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Indalo paintings

In my art I have two interests: One is portrait painting and the other is representations of the Indalo, or Rainbow Man. This figure is a symbol of luck and good fortune and is very much part of the culture where I live near Mojácar, in the eastern part of Andalucía, southern Spain. The Indalo symbol can be seen on houses, businesses, incorporated into fences, as public statues and even on drain covers in the Almeria area, and it has become the inspiration for many of my paintings. My collection began with more abstract images of the Indalo figure, usually as a man, and then I began to experiment with a fusion of the dancing figure, now a woman, with the rainbow idea. All these pictures are painted in acrylics on canvas. I use colours that reflect the light and vibrance of the area where I live and I love to experiment with texture and mark-making.

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