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Alessandra Di Noto - Artist

About Alessandra Di Noto

Learn more about Alessandra Di Noto from Montreal, QC - Canada.

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For a glimpse of recent works please visit:

Alessandra's Artistic Approach

As a child I obsessively walked the streets of Florence and absorbed through my skin and eyes the lights and scents of the Italian Renaissance. As a teenager, I met my first love at the foot of plaster replicas of Michelangelo’s sculptures, in the dust of the oldest Italian Gypsothèque (plaster cast sculpture collection). I practiced the life of the apprentice of 'Bottega' without even realizing I was doing so, and ended up making a perfect circle like Giotto, the shepherd, drawing on the stones of his pasture. That was 'Art !' Eventually I crossed the big pond and embarked on a whole other trajectory. My research has since developed around the concepts of permanence, of movement’s temporality in space and time, using different media such as new technologies of the image, or employing materials harkening back to the origins of the world (such as wood, cloth, rope, sand, stone...).

Starting in 2013 I’ve returned to the traditional techniques inherited from my Florentine origins, through large acrylic paintings on canvas, where the self-portrait is transfigured, celebrating women’s magnitude and depth of connection with nature. Once again, I am wishing to demonstrate the relationship between the female being and her world, seeking a sense of identity as drawn within oneself which can then transcend gender identification, place and culture.

While these themes are materialized through the superimposition of transparent layers and thick paint, the 'decorative' aspect is not meant to beguile the viewer: rather, the layers and thicknesses correspond to the gestures and repetitions of the universal woman and her day-to-day experiences – a constant back and forth between an interior and exterior world, of which I am the conduit.


Born in Italy, Alessandra Di Noto has lived in Canada since 1987. She studied design and staging at the Art Institute and the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, as well as life drawing, painting, textile art and anatomy at the Duperré school in Paris. Passionate about art and cinema, the Italian-Canadian artist was admitted to Université of Québec à Trois-Rivières in 1994, thereby accessing technical resources which enabled her to achieve numerous artistic productions in painting, drawing, blown glass, bronze and aluminum sculpting, holography and videography. In 1997, she presented her first solo exhibition in Trois-Rivieres: Small Stories of the World, a series of intimate holographic works, where small everyday objects magically reappeared in the soul of tree trunks. From that point onward, production moved towards interactive multimedia in publications of her own works and publications for other artists.

Since 2013, Di Noto has been working on the Ladies series, large acrylic paintings on canvas, where the self-portrait is transfigured to celebrate the grandeur of women and the depth of women’s relationship with nature. Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master in Communication, she has participated in numerous exhibitions in painting, sculpture and multimedia installations. Throughout her multidisciplinary production, in various ways she has depicted the relationship between women and their inner / outer worlds, while also poetically evoking other related themes such as migration, gender identification, location and culture.

Curriculum Vitae

Visual Arts Education

• M.A. Communications, specializing in multimedia creation; UQAM, Canada 2000
Thesis-creation: Cantatas, multimedia composition for female voices and computer, 50 pages, along with interactive CD-Rom.
Received with honors

• B.A. Visuals Arts; Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Canada 1998

• Diploma of Artistic Studies, Interior Design; Art Institute of Florence, Italy 1978

Special Training
• Training in teaching in higher education, UQAM, Canada 2002
• Internship in holography, Atelier Holostar, Montreal, Canada 1996
• Internship in bookbinding, Atelier Jacques Fournier, Montreal, Canada 1996
• Painting workshops, Ateliers de la Ville de Paris, Paris, France 1985-1987
• Modeling, drawing, painting, textile art, anatomy, School of arts Duperré, Paris, France 1984 -1987
• Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy 1982-1983

Other Work Experiences in Visual Arts
• Research Assistant, Unité de Recherche en Arts Visuels, Trois-Rivières, Canada 1998-2000
• Research Assistant, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Canada 1996-1998

Solo Exhibitions
• The Ladies Collection, Centre Leonardo Da Vinci, Montreal, Canada 2015
• The Ladies Collection, Sequoia Massothérapie, Montreal, Canada 2015
• Small Stories of the World, holographic works Le Zénob, Trois-Rivières, Canada 1997

Juried Group Exhibitions
• Regards sur Montréal-Nord, Gallery EDC, Montreal, Canada 2015
• Montreal Nord Visual Arts Symposium, AAVNM, Canada 2015
• Paravents 2, Millen Gardens, Montreal, Canada 2015
• Colors and Words, Gallery EDC, Montreal, Canada 2015
• Paravents 2, Gallery EDC, Montreal, Canada 2015
• Portofino, 8th Art Exhibition, Montreal, Canada 2014
• Bring Your Own Art, Gallery EDC, Montreal, Canada 2014
• Montreal Nord Visual Arts Symposium, AAVNM, Canada 2014
• PassArt, Centre d’art de Rouyn-Noranda. Curators: Chantal Boulanger, Jocelyne Connelly, Sylvie Cotton, Gilles Daigneault, Madeline Doré, Guaitan Lacroix, Laurier Lacroix, Monique Langlois, Canada 2000
• Progressions équivoques. Invited by Richard Purdy, Centre Culturel de l’université de Sherbrooke, Canada 2000
• Prix Albert Dumouchel 98, Gallery Corridor C, Montreal, Canada 1999
• Centre des arts de Shawinigan. Curator: Louise Martin, Canada 1998
• 11th edition of ISEA Symposium, Paris, France 1998
• 8th Annual Vidéaste recherché/e, Québec, Canada 1998
• The Route of Heart. Invited by par Jorge Orta. Hôtel-de-Ville de Trois-Rivières, Canada 1998
• 200 Years of Lithography, Art Gallery of the National Library of Quebec, Montreal, Canada 1998
• Prix Albert Dumouchel 98, Gallery Engramme, Québec, Canada 1998
• Femmes en délire, Le Zénob, Trois-Rivières, Canada 1998
• Gallery L’Oeil Tactile, Trois-Rivières, Canada 1997
• Prix Albert Dumouchel 96, Art Gallery of the National Library of Quebec. Curators: Monique Pourtalès, Richard Lacroix, Carole Urbain, Montreal, Canada 1996
• Pluralité, Gallery d’Art du Parc. Curator: Christiane Simoneau, Trois-Rivières, Canada 1996
• Gallery L’Oeil Tactile, Trois-Rivières, Canada 1995
• Center of arts, Shawinigan. Curator: Louise Martin, Canada 1991
• Gallery Le Bôme, Grandes-Piles, Canada 1990

Experience and Professional Affiliations in the Visual Arts
• Member of Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels RAAV, Canada 2014-present
• Member of collectif Visual Arts Artists of Montreal North AAVNM, Canada 2014-present
• President of the Board of Directors of the circus company Kalabanté, Canada 2013-2014
• Director of Communications for www.GoodnessTV.org, Canada 2011-2012
• CD-ROM Director, for 15 Minutes of humanity, a book by Sylvie Tourangeau, performer; with Axenéo7, Centre d’artistes, Gatineau, Canada 2002-2004
• Director designer, videographer, producer:
o Interactive CD-Rom: Cantatas, multimedia composition for female voices and computer, 2000
o Video report: Toilets, Public or Private Places? 1997
o Videographic works:
• A Gray Boat, 10 min.1998
• The Good News, 6 min.1997
• The Unconscious Part, 8 min. 1996
• The Body-Object, 3 min. 1995 1995-2000
• Writer and director, Between Light and Shadow, Works by Philippe Boissonnet, Canada • 2000-2001
• Member of Atelier Presse-Papier, Trois-Rivières, Canada • 1996
• Founding member of artists association L'oeil tactile, Trois-Rivières, Canada • 1995-1997
• Imaging for Air France, Canada • 1997
• Collaboration with Wetabenotin, by Marie Ponchelet, installation in UQTR, Canada 1994
• Boat’s interior designer for Hyprescon, Montreal, Canada 1992
• Advertisement designer for Sciano’s Agency, Florence, Italie 1990-1992
• Designer for Auvent A.P.R, Lac à la tortue, Canada 1991-1992
• Architectural designer for the movie La Postière, by G.Carles, Canada 1991
• Architectural designer Private studios, Florence, Italie 1977-1982
• Exclusive textile design for Rocco Barocco’s haute-couture, Rome, Italie 1978

• Speaker on Creativity, Centre des femmes de Shawinigan, Canada 1988

Teaching Experience
• Multimedia Research Methodology, Collège Gerald-Godin, Montreal, Canada 2000 to 2001
• Researching and organizing information, CSDM, Montreal Canada 2001 to 2002
• Coordination for the design and production of websites, CSDM, Montreal, Canada 2001-2002
• Coordination in multimedia production, New media Institute of Montreal, Canada 1999
• Graphics and multimédia private lessons, Canada 1998-2001
• Drawing and painting classes, Cultural Associations of municipalities in Région Mékinac, Canada 1988-1993
• Drawing and painting classes, Maison de la culture de Vincennes, France 1984-1987

Scholarships and Awards in Visual Arts
• Scholarships FCAR / FRSQ for Masters studies 1998-2000, multimedia creation, Canada 1998-2000
• Scholarships from CIBPA Foundation, Canada 1996-2000
• Honorable Mention, Bourse Gilles-Verville, UQTR, Canada 1998
• Honorable Mention, 8th Annual Vidéaste recherché/e, Québec, Canada 1998
• Prize from the Société St-Jean Baptiste for Toilets: Public or Private Places, Canada
• Scholarships from Desjardins Foundation, Canada 1997
• Award from the Association of Psychiatrists of Quebec for video The Unconscious Part, at the annual AMPQ contest Technology: From Myth to Reality, Canada 1997
• Award Mérite Presse Papier, Atelier Presse Papier, Trois-Rivières, Canada 1996
• Award SILEX, Atelier Silex, Trois-Rivières, Canada 1995

Private Collections
• Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Collection, Canada 1998
• Individuals, in painting, sculpture and drawing, Florence, Rome, Paris, Montreal, Trois-Rivières 1984-present

Sylvie Chénard, Culture et féminisme pour changer le monde, september 2004
15 Minutes of Humanity, Autor : Sylvie Tourangeau, Direction : Alessandra Di Noto, 2004
Websites for Ateliers d’histoire. Histoire du patrimoine architectural de la CSDM. 2002
Josette Trépanier, Texts for 'Cantates', une oeuvre multi-média d'Alessandra Di Noto, Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art, Été 1999
Richard Purdy, Progressions équivoques, catalog 1998
Alessandra Di Noto, Cantates composition pour voix de femmes et ordinateur, 2000
Alessandra Di Noto, Entre lumière et ombre : oeuvres de Philippe Boissonnet, 1992-1998; 1998, Médiathèque du Musée d’art contemporain, Montreal
Productions for UQTR, Entrevue à propos de Un bateau gris and La bonne nouvelle, 8 minutes, Trois-Rivières, 1998
Productions for Centre des arts de Shawinigan, Entrevue à propos de Un bateau gris, 10 minutes, 1998
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Anonymous, Galérie Le Bôme, 21 artistes s’exposent, L’Hebdo Saint-Tite, page 16, December 3, 1990


Alessandra Di Noto joined Fine Art America on May 1st, 2013.