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Alina Avanesian - Artist

Alina Avanesian

Learn more about Alina Avanesian from Burbank, California - United States.

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Alina Avanesian earned her Associate's degree of Multimedia from Los Angeles Mission College in 2006. She received a Deans Award at 2003 and 2004. During her education, she started working in Iran TV Network as video editor. Upon graduation, she established a multimedia company, designing websites, print advertising, video editing and product photography.

She earned her Bachelor's of Art from CSUN school of photography in 2014 and continued her professional work as a freelancer in various fields of media production, 3D animation, TV advertising production, audio recording, and photography.

In addition to her freelance digital works, currently she is working in Daleno Art as Director of Digital Art.
Her company, Hily Media, is offering professional and custom website design, product photography, shopping cart implementation and online marketing.

Artist Statement

'My works are captured fleeting moments. Blending imagination and reality creates a dreamlike narrative rooted in the tangible.

The images rely on the changing light of day to establish mood and embrace the contrast between light and shadow. The elements I photograph in natural environments evoke an emotional response, prompting the recollection of memories and establishing a sense of tranquility. I use color in saturated complements and graphic monochromes to enhance contrast in the landscape.

Visualizing the subject and layout before photographing, I seek out specific details within and among the landscape. Life’s overlooked details, however exceptional or ordinary, engage me.

Living in a congested urban environment, people often forget about the natural atmosphere that surrounds them. These expansive landscapes provide a refreshing escape, uninterrupted by buildings that block the sunlight, cars that pollute the environment, and industrial elements that punctuate the sky. I perform a personal ritual every Sunday: I drive to beaches, mountains, and deserts, seeking to photograph untouched landscapes mostly in Southern California. My journeys provide inspiration and remind me of the accessibility, presence, and significance of the natural environments that are within my reach.'

Alina Avanesian joined Fine Art America on June 18th, 2019.