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In a world where there are rules to comply with, directions to follow and deadlines to be met, it's nothing short of liberating to work in a creative environment where I have complete and total artistic freedom.   Nature walks and simply observing the world around me at my leisure, enables me to produce images that convey a sense of calm, beauty and joy.   I'm a native New Yorker who spent many years in Hawaii before moving to my current home in Southern California.   Follow me on my Naturali Images Facebook page.   Visit my website at NaturAli Images
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Results: 15

 Photograph - Indian Summer                                                 by William Trost Richards

Indian Summer Print

William Trost Richards


 Painting - The Oxbow                                         by Thomas Cole

The Oxbow Print

Thomas Cole


 Photograph - Long Island Farm Houses                                                    by William Sidney Mount

Long Island Farm Houses Print

William Sidney Mount


 Painting - The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak by Albert Bierstadt

The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak Print

Albert Bierstadt


 Painting - Red School House                                                      by George Henry Durrie

Red School House Print

George Henry Durrie


 Painting - Copenhagen Harbor by Moonlight                                                 by Johan Christian Dahl

Copenhagen Harbor by Moonlight Print

Johan Christian Dahl


 Painting - Still Life Flowers and Fruit                                                         by Severin Roesen

Still Life Flowers and Fruit Print

Severin Roesen


 Painting - Sunset on the Rhine by Barend Cornelis Koekkoek

Sunset on the Rhine Print

Barend Cornelis Koekkoek


 Painting - Santa Maria della Salute, Sunset by William Stanley Haseltine

Santa Maria della Salute, Sunset Print

William Stanley Haseltine


 Painting - The Beeches                                                   by Asher Brown Durand

The Beeches Print

Asher Brown Durand


 Photograph - City Watchman                                               by William P Chappel

City Watchman Print

William P Chappel


 Painting - Gathering Storm on Long Island Sound by John Frederick Kensett

Gathering Storm on Long Island Sound Print

John Frederick Kensett


 Painting - In the Woods by Asher Brown Durand

In the Woods Print

Asher Brown Durand


 Painting - The North Cape by Moonlight                                                    by Peder Balke

The North Cape by Moonlight Print

Peder Balke


 Painting - Milkel in Moonlight                                           by Carl Gustav Carus

Milkel in Moonlight Print

Carl Gustav Carus


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