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Amar Singha - Fine Artist

Amar Singha Press Releases

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An Unique Book Regarding An Unique Concept.

Murshidabad, We - July 28th, 2014

Amar Singha is a most well known artist in international art world, who has been working in the field of painting since 1998. He mainly an oriental cubist artist but also passionate about verities type of art like folk art, oriental art, cave paintings etc. He also loves music, dance, literature and poem. At past he started a unique series of paintings by following some descriptions of musical rhythms, in some oldest mythological books, he found in national library of Calcutta. In a close interaction with me, he said, it is a unique concept which is able to convert a musical rhythm into a human figure. Most of all this idea is also closely related with nature and its season. He depicted a series of paintings by following the most basic rhythms of classical music, and has felt the actual inner meaning of this concept. He has written a book about this concept where he clearly described,...

Winner Of Spacial Recognition Award - 2013.

Murshidabad, We - November 11th, 2013

An art competition was happen online in 27th August 2013. The result declared on 9th September 2013. The competition organized by the famous art gallery named Light Space Time. It was the 3rd annual event of the gallery. The Light Space Time is the most vibrating art gallery located in Florida of America. It was their 3rd annual land scape art competition. the gallery received total 564 entries from 17 countries of the world, and 31st different states and districts of Colombia. Amar Singha is a rising artist from India who participated in painting and others media categories of the event. It is very strange, that he submitted only one painting for the competition, which won him the coveted spacial recognition award. Mr. Singha has been working in the field of painting since 1998. He is a most interior villager of India. The painting - "An Evening in Lonely Village" had comes ...

Artist Amar Singha Awarded By IVAC

Murshidabad, We - November 11th, 2013

An international art contest happened in online from New York, organized by, "International Visual Artist Challenge", (IVAC). The contest started on 1st September & ended on 31st October. Result was declare on 10th November. There are many artists, photographers participated in the event from India and around the world. Amar Singha was one of the participants, and he won the Honorable Mention Award in abstract category, for his outstanding painting "RETURNING". His painting named PASSION-1, has catches top vote, from visitors.But according to the rules of IVAC, it didn't matter for judging. By following my question about the awarded painting, Amar said in his poetic words, that the idea of the painting, Returning, I have taken, from a very common seen of the most interior village of India. When the cowherds returning from pasturage with gang, in the darkest light of the sunset, it is ...

Gallery Artist.

Murshidabad, We - October 12th, 2013

Amar singha is now declared gallery artist of Light Space Time. His award winner painting "An Evening in Lonely Village," is now in the archive of Light Space Time. It is one of the honorarium of the gallery, for their winner artists. Gallery director Mr.Math, also welcome to Amar Singha, in their next annual event. Visit the site .