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Ananda Vdovic - Artist

About Ananda Vdovic

Learn more about Ananda Vdovic from Beretinec, Zagorje - Croatia.

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Ananda Vdovic is an artist, singer, visionary painter, architectural artist and spiritual teacher.
Originated from Germany, she has been a teacher of Meditation and spiritual courses throughout Europe and in Asia for Thousands of people. Ananda is well known for her inspired Mother Goddess and Madonna paintings, which shine with an illuminated beauty and can be seen on FAA and her website www.anandasart.com. Currently some originals are available or can be commissioned directly from her.
Her music - 'Sacred Chants of Devi' , 'Durga - Mantras for Protection' and 'Mantras for a Happy Life' create a peaceful atmosphere and are bestsellers in devotional spiritual meditative music. They are available on www.cdbaby.com/cd/anandavdovic and Times Music India and on her website.
Her knowledge of Vedic literature and philosophy is extensive.
Her work in architecture design can be seen at the Art of Living Ashram in Bangalore.
Ananda Devi loves to worship the Divine through painting, poetry, chanting and music. The beauty & subtlety of the expressions of her paintings reflect the inner peace of many decades of meditation..

Together with her husband and co-creator of her music projects she lives in Germany and Croatia.

Please note: If the images look way too yellow or too red - it has to do with the calibration of your computer-screen. The images have a warm-golden tone and the prints will also be like that!
The watermarks of Fine Art America will not appear on the prints.

Ananda Vdovic joined Fine Art America on December 6th, 2013.