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April Turgutalp - Artist

About April Turgutalp

Learn more about April Turgutalp from Magnolia, TX - United States.

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Hello, thank you for taking the time to view my artwork. I could define my artwork as small pieces of my soul, my personality, delicately and intricately placed on a blank canvas. Our lives are like blank canvases. It is up to us to create what ever we want to perceive. There should be no judgement to our visions, our creativity, our way of expressing ourselves.
Growing up, my life was extremely hard and painful. I don't want to bore you with the details, but it was at that point that a human can take one direction or the other. You step into that fork in the road where emotional maturity sets your destiny. You can either feel sorry for yourself, treat others bad because you were treated bad, not trust anyone, or you can take your pain and anguish that you lived with and turn it into something positive. You can use this knowledge to know how not to treat people, to understand other peoples pain and hardship. Well, that's the route I took. The more productive (the way I see it) route.
I took my pain and used it as a driving force. A force that shaped who I am today and constantly reminds me to continue to improve the person that I am. It pushes me to do better on a daily basis, in my life, my connections and relationships, my paintings, my work, and in all of my traits and talents. My pain taught me compassion for others. It taught me patience, it taught me self-awareness.
We all have faults as human beings, it's in our nature. It's okay to have a mistake in a painting, just as it is okay to have a flaw in our personality. It's what makes us human. So I don't beat myself up for my mistakes, I use them as a tool to remind myself that it is just one less step towards my goals. If we treated all of our mistakes as stepping stones to our desired outcome, they wouldn't be so bad. In fact, mistakes are necessary. In painting I am driven to find joy and laughter, I don't put boundaries on my imagination, I am not afraid to paint my mistakes, or my ambitions, or reveal what goes through my mind. Some of my paintings may seem like a dream, but I am a dreamer. As an artist, its what we do. We allow our dreams to become a reality.

April Turgutalp joined Fine Art America on July 12th, 2020.