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What do YOU know about...   ART4GOOD?   Art 4 Good Foundation, Inc., is located in Downtown Palm Springs in the historic district; within the former Clark Gable Estate.   Open to the public on weekends, art speaks.   Art speaks in 41 languages.   Tourists and locals alike can view hundreds of works of art by Renowned and Collectible Artists from all over the world. *see collective artist credits that follow herein.   Admission is free, and our museum space, consisting of three galleries, is also made available, at no cost, for viable local charities...more
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Best Selling Pop Artist, Wendie Busig-Kohn began painting to escape the pain of Systemic Lupus. Championing both burgeoning and renowned artists, as the CEO and Founding Chairperson for ART4GOOD Foundation, Inc., keeps her inspired to "do good and give back". She has donated proceeds from her ART sales to many wonderful charitable organizations including, but not limited to: Muhammad Ali Center for Parkinson's Research Shakira’s Barefoot Foundation Thorn/DNA Foundation Dream Catchers Wild Horse and Burro Sanctuary Habitat for Humanity Feeding America Doctors without Borders Oxfam Stand up 2 Cancer Animal Humane Society Amnesty International Autism Speaks St Judes Hospital Nothing but Nets United Nations Foundation International Rescue Committee Make a Wish Foundation Elton John AIDS Foundation ONE Campaign Native American Heritage Association The Prince's Trust Clinton Foundation UNICEF UNHCR MusiCares Andre Agassi Foundation M J Fox Parkinson's Foundation Lupus LA Give Back Hollywood Barbra Streisand CrowdRise Team for Women's Heart Center The Trevor Project American Red Cross Project Arrowhead Feed A Child 2012 Enough Project Team Tre: Sickle Cell Disease Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, Wounded Warriors, Reader to Reader, Native American Heritage Association, American Cancer Society, Cure Epilepsy Campaign, Operation Respect, BDPA NY Scholarship, Imagine Scholar Inc, Will Ferrell's Cancer For College Campaign, Edward Norton's Maasai Wilderness Campaign Jason Bateman's City Year Campaign The Daniel Pearl Foundation Christopher's Clubhouse Foundation Angel View Crippled Children's Foundation Conservation Lands Foundation Cri-Help She also designs and creates one of a kind jewelry, on auction every week to support a mission, to champion a cause, near and dear to her heart! Auction URLs Web: https://www.biddingforgood.com/ART4GOOD Mobile: https://bforg.com/ART4GOOD ART2WEAR by WBK is also available HERE: https://paom.com/profiles/art-to-wear-by-wbk/#/profile-designs

WBK - Commitment To Others

Commitment To Others by WBK

WBK - Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision by WBK

WBK - Come Together Peace Mandala

Come Together Peace Mandala by WBK

WBK - Wham

Wham by WBK

WBK - Extended Family

Extended Family by WBK

WBK - The Bonds Of Family

The Bonds Of Family by WBK

WBK - The Flowering Vine

The Flowering Vine by WBK

WBK - Strength

Strength by WBK

WBK - Meditation Teal

Meditation Teal by WBK

WBK - Loyalty

Loyalty by WBK

WBK - A Mandala for Spring

A Mandala for Spring by WBK

WBK - The Love Circle

The Love Circle by WBK

WBK - Whirlwind In Pink

Whirlwind In Pink by WBK

WBK - Going In Circles

Going In Circles by WBK

WBK - Gold Star Mandala

Gold Star Mandala by WBK

WBK - Community Of Activism

Community Of Activism by WBK

WBK - Fireworks

Fireworks by WBK

WBK - Regal Mandala

Regal Mandala by WBK

WBK - Red Royal

Red Royal by WBK

WBK - Exotic Meditation Garden

Exotic Meditation Garden by WBK

WBK - Abstract Mandala 1

Abstract Mandala 1 by WBK

WBK - Mandala 88

Mandala 88 by WBK

WBK - Mandala 87

Mandala 87 by WBK

WBK - Mandala 85

Mandala 85 by WBK

WBK - Mandala 82

Mandala 82 by WBK

WBK - Mandala III

Mandala III by WBK

WBK - Mandala 78

Mandala 78 by WBK

WBK - Mandala 77

Mandala 77 by WBK

WBK - Flying Eagle Abstract Mandala

Flying Eagle Abstract Mandala by WBK

WBK - Mandala 70

Mandala 70 by WBK

WBK - Mandala 67

Mandala 67 by WBK

WBK - Mandala 66

Mandala 66 by WBK

WBK - Mandala 64

Mandala 64 by WBK

WBK - Mandala 59

Mandala 59 by WBK

WBK - Mandala 56

Mandala 56 by WBK

WBK - Mandala 55

Mandala 55 by WBK

WBK - Mandala 61

Mandala 61 by WBK

WBK - Mandala 53

Mandala 53 by WBK

WBK - Mandala 44

Mandala 44 by WBK

WBK - Mandala 93

Mandala 93 by WBK

WBK - Mandala 32

Mandala 32 by WBK

WBK - Finding A Path Mandala

Finding A Path Mandala by WBK

WBK - Faith Renewed Mandala

Faith Renewed Mandala by WBK

WBK - Elegance Mandala

Elegance Mandala by WBK

WBK - Dreamscape Mandala

Dreamscape Mandala by WBK

WBK - Discovery Mandala II

Discovery Mandala II by WBK

WBK - Discovery Mandala

Discovery Mandala by WBK

WBK - Circle of Life Mandala

Circle of Life Mandala by WBK

WBK - Before The Parade Passes By Mandala

Before The Parade Passes By Mandala by WBK

WBK - At Play With Colors Mandala

At Play With Colors Mandala by WBK

Search Within This Collection   |   View All Collections   |   Images = 80




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