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About Art By Tolpo Collection

Learn more about Art By Tolpo Collection from Prescott, AZ - United States.

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Welcome to the Art by Tolpo Collection consisting of paintings by American artists, Carl and Lily Tolpo. The subjects are: portraits of prominent people... children and celebrities... mid-west, southwest and western landscapes, as well as, some still life, Music abstracts and miscellaneous subjects dating from the 1920’s to the 2011.

Lily Tolpo – American artist - (1917- 2015 ) Painter/Sculptor

Lily Tolpo was a scholarship student at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts from 1935-1939; she made her professional debut in 1941 at a one-artist show sponsored by the Illinois Society of Fine Art at the Chicago Drake Hotel.

She has been referenced in Who's Who in American Art, Who's Who of American Women, Artists of Renown, and the Dictionary of International Biography. Lily Tolpo is also listed in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery Catalog of American Portraits.

Lily has published works including: 'The Turning Point', a biographical painting celebrating the centennial of the Black Hawk Wars of 1832 and the 'Freeport Doctrine', a biographical painting that was part of the Lincoln and Douglas in Debate Statue project.

Lily Tolpo also has 52 of her Biological Portraits that were done for the Leadership Awards of Chicago historical figures, one of which, is Delores E. Cross President of Chicago State University...The Biological Portrait is a layered depiction of the subject with overlaid illustrations of the subject’s history in the background.

Some of her most noted works include: 'Law and Justice', a corten steel Chandelier located at the Waukegan IL. Courthouse... 'I Am', a bas relief of cold cast bronze, the first in a series of six, for St. Paul Episcopal Church in Savanna IL., as well as, 'Minuteman', a bronze figurine for the Minutemen of America in Peoria IL.

Lily Tolpo Public Sculptures are: Lincoln & Douglas in Debate', a life sized bronze sculpture of figures in action located on the debate site in Freeport IL....'Whoofle, the Magic Dragon', found in Ross Garden at Krape Park in Freeport IL.... and the bronze monument statue of Julia Dent Grant is at The Ulysses S. Grant Home in Galena, Illinois.

In 2009, Lily Tolpo received The Laureate for Order of Lincoln Award by The Lincoln Academy of Illinois Bicentennial Convocation in recognition of her many accomplishments.

The Freeport Illinois Noon Rotary Club Foundation and the Rotary International commissioned Lily Tolpo to create for their ongoing Literacy and the Arts project, The Reading Lincoln; it was dedicated in 2011 at the Freeport Library in Freeport, Illinois.

There are several sculptures by Lily Tolpo in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum, as well.

Lily Tolpo portraits, landscapes, music abstract paintings, abstract paintings and sculptures, as well as, the Great Americans sculpture series grace many private collections throughout the USA and Europe.


Carl Tolpo - American artist - (1901-1976) Painter/Sculptor

Carl Tolpo studied at the Art Institute from 1926 to 1929 and also studied with Elmer Forsberg and John W. Norton...The favorite painting medium was oil on canvas...and sculptures were done direct in plaster

This Illinois Artist, was inspired by Historical Political persons, people of the arts and sciences, his wife, his children and the magnificent landscapes of the American West and Midwest and Southwest.

He has six State Legislative Portraits in the Illinois State Capitol and 25 larger than life oil portraits of Famous Baseball Players that are now in the collection of the Los Angeles Sports Museum.

Carl Tolpo is referenced in Who's Who of America and the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery Catalog of American Portraits.

The subjects of many of his landscapes were inspired by the western national park regions of the USA, mostly, the Yellowstone Park area of Wyoming. Lithograph prints of his canyon landscapes were sold throughout Yellowstone Park in the Haynes Picture Shops for many years. He also did landscapes of the Midwest and the Southwest.

One of his most admired and favorite subjects was Abraham Lincoln....The small bearded and beardless Lincoln bronze busts were sold at Marshall Fields on State St. in Chicago, IL, in the 1950’s. There are several sculptures and paintings by Carl Tolpo in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum, as well.

Carl Tolpo Public Sculptures:
The Abraham Lincoln heroic bronze bust sculpture at the Ford Theater in Washington DC, considered among the 5 best of Lincoln sculptures in the country.... This bronze bust of Lincoln is also at the courthouse in Waukegan Illinois, as well as, in the Barrington Illinois high school.

The larger than life full figure bronze monument of Illinois Senator Everett M. Dirksen and the heroic bust of Everett M Dirksen are in Pekin, Illinois.... There is also full figure of Everett M. Dirksen at the Illinois Statehouse.

Carl Tolpo portraits, small sculptures and landscapes grace many private collections in the USA and Europe.

Art By Tolpo Collection joined Fine Art America on August 17th, 2013.