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ArtExpoSite.com Art Society, a Non-Profit Organization Supporting Artists.   Offering paintings and sculptures by some of the best New Zealand and Australian artists in many different styles, mediums, shapes, colours and sizes.   ArtExpoSite.com Art Society is a Non-Profit Organization supporting and promoting artists and art in general, through organizing physical (real life) art exhibitions for members, helping members to get additional exposure online and offline (often for free), art lessons for general public (often free), free community activities, free direct contact with artists and...more
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Barry Knightly

Te Puke artist, sculptor Barry Knightly works exclusively in Hinuera stone because it has lots of hidden surprises with colours and forms. Using traditional hand tools he likens it to archaeology. “You scrape and chip away to find what’s in there. The more you get into the stone the more you find, a hidden treasure”. Having a love for the sea and native bush, many of his pieces depict New Zealand sea or flora themes. Each piece evolves as it happens and is a unique work of art, never to be repeated. Barry has now exhibited in the Tourism Art area at the Ellerslie Flower Show twice, in 2002 and 2003. He was one of 12 sculptors selected from around New Zealand and at last year’s show he won an award for presentation and unique artistry. His work has far reaching appeal. Phone: (07) 573 8809.



Search Within This Collection   |   View All Collections   |   Images = 0