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ArtExpoSite.com Art Society, a Non-Profit Organization Supporting Artists.   Offering paintings and sculptures by some of the best New Zealand and Australian artists in many different styles, mediums, shapes, colours and sizes.   ArtExpoSite.com Art Society is a Non-Profit Organization supporting and promoting artists and art in general, through organizing physical (real life) art exhibitions for members, helping members to get additional exposure online and offline (often for free), art lessons for general public (often free), free community activities, free direct contact with artists and...more
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Caye Edlin

Caye Edlin is a self-taught artist although she did a short study course with Colmen Cohen – a one time artist to the White House. Caye uses mainly oils and pastels with occasional forays into acrylics and watercolours. Her favourite subjects are bush, water, beach scenes and flowers. Caye leads a busy life and loves gardening & beach walks with her dog. She has won merit awards in many exhibitions including The Combined Bays Exhibition. Caye lives at Mount Maunganui. Phone: (07) 575 2387.



Search Within This Collection   |   View All Collections   |   Images = 0