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Update: I finally built a Parkinson's Disease support page, but it doesn't look great due to my lack of HTML skills.   Please take a look if you know anyone with Parkinson's.   You can visit it here: a page of thoughts and ideas ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Irasshaimase :) Welcome to my profile page, and thanks for looking. ('Irasshaimase', is the perennial greeting received by customers entering Japanese shops, izakayas,bars, etc.) I am a Scottish photographer and digital artist known as baato (or bert), who photographs...more
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Pictures from Osaka, Japan

Baato   - twilight zoning

twilight zoning by Baato

Baato   - civic pride

civic pride by Baato

Baato   - Taiko na

Taiko na by Baato

Baato   - nice hats

nice hats by Baato

Baato   - nice hats too

nice hats too by Baato

Baato   - Osakajou framed by branches

Osakajou framed by branches by Baato

Baato   - Castle of Eternal Splendour

Castle of Eternal Splendour by Baato

Baato   - Osakajou yinyang

Osakajou yinyang by Baato

Baato   - Osaka Castle near twilight

Osaka Castle near twilight by Baato

Baato   - carp in sunshine

carp in sunshine by Baato

Baato   - City Plaza at night

City Plaza at night by Baato

Baato   - thing of the past

thing of the past by Baato

Baato   - reaching for the sky

reaching for the sky by Baato

Baato   - symbiosis

symbiosis by Baato

Baato   - densen on dark sky

densen on dark sky by Baato

Baato   - CPU-World glimpse

CPU-World glimpse by Baato

Baato   - Irasshaimase

Irasshaimase by Baato

Baato   - street decor

street decor by Baato

Baato   - surprise find

surprise find by Baato

Baato   - lines and bendy windows

lines and bendy windows by Baato

Baato   - On the way home from Rokko san

On the way home from Rokko san by Baato

Baato   - warm neon

warm neon by Baato

Baato   - Robata lantern

Robata lantern by Baato

baato   - sorakawa

sorakawa by baato

Baato   - Mirror mirror

Mirror mirror by Baato

Baato   - Chuo-ku money-plant

Chuo-ku money-plant by Baato

Search Within This Collection   |   View All Collections   |   Images = 26