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.   Born in the Midwest, early on I developed a love and appreciation of nature and all things living.   As I grew up I realized that we see life in a flash of images, sometimes so fast that it's gone before we even know what we have seen.   To explore the image between flashes of life, I extended my shutter times and have gravitated to time-laps photography to capture images we would normally miss.
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Lightning to me is the creation of life and death all in a millisecond, that once gone will never bee seen in the same form again. I have worked for years to balance the exposure based on the strength of the storms passing in front of my camera, to provide the most detail possible within each bolt of lightning. Please be sure to use the full resolution tool provided by FAA to see the individual nature of each bolt of lightning you see here. Each image has been thoroughly reviewed at 200% enlargement to insure the highest quality standards possible, which you can see by using the full resolution enlargement tool provided by FAA. Watermarks only appear on the images you see here, in order to protect my artwork.

Search Within This Collection   |   View All Collections   |   Images = 23