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.   Born in the Midwest, early on I developed a love and appreciation of nature and all things living.   As I grew up I realized that we see life in a flash of images, sometimes so fast that it's gone before we even know what we have seen.   To explore the image between flashes of life, I extended my shutter times and have gravitated to time-laps photography to capture images we would normally miss.
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The forums here on FAA sooner or later get to image quality questions, since i have tried to share some general rules of photography with some truly creative painters, I thought i'd make a post here that can be referred to easily when anyone has a qu... 

Since starting out to make my work available online some number of years ago and as a web developer in general, I have been a member of or visited a huge number of of sites, always a new plug in here or a download there. Most of the sites I was a mem... 

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April 19th, 2010

It took about a week to get the hang of things here including rescaling some images to maximize the huge prints available here, but the galleries have been set up and the links on Balanced Art have been put in place to point to the members section. ... 

Howdy All, I'm happy to have found FAA and their association with ArtistWebSites.com and have started uploading images to get things going and I look forward to being part of the different things going on here. A bit about who http://BalancedAr...