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Barbara Burns - Artist

Barbara Burns

Learn more about Barbara Burns from Concord, NC - United States.

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I am an Iowa native who lived in the state about 40 years who then lived in Texas for the next 20 years. In November 2010, I moved to South Dakota. In August 2019, I moved to the Charlotte area of North Carolina.

I am a hobby photographer as well as both a Hobby Artist and a Professional Artist. I work in Watercolors, India Inks, Iridescent Inks and digital pixie-ons. I generally use 140 lb watercolor paper for my traditional artwork. I used to paint in oils .. using the Bob Ross methods/paint .. but arthritis & fibromyalgia took that away from me .. digital painting returned that creative ability to me! I used to use Corel Painter but it has gotten too expensive for me to keep up with the yearly upgrades .. plus the newer versions are too advanced for both me and my computer. I am retired living within a fixed income. I have not yet decided on a new software program to use .. and I am considering buying a display tablet as well.

I love reading, learning new art techniques and learning more about already known to me techniques. Art is a growing, learning and social experience for me that never stops being fun for me. I enjoy meeting other artists and seeing the incredible artwork others create.

I am not as active in creating art for sale today [2022] as I used to be BUT I am very slowly making progress towards creating more art again. I AM creating what I think of as a doodling type of art and posting it to my Instagram and sometimes it also gets posted to my Facebook too.

Barbara Burns joined Fine Art America on February 2nd, 2012.