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Bebe Brookman - Artist

About Bebe Brookman

Learn more about Bebe Brookman from San Diego, CA - United States.

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Bebe's artwork begins in a place of innocence and surrender. She starts a painting with no preconceived idea, but rather allows her innermost feelings to emerge. She often feels a sense of wonder and amazement when she sees the images that have mysteriously appeared on her canvas. Using psychology and intuition, she views her paintings as a ‘Rorschach’ from her unconscious mind. Viewers are also challenged to meet new aspects of themselves by enquiring what their own unconscious mind may be trying to communicate. There just may be a ‘soul-ution’ lurking on the canvas. : )
Bebe is a Fusionartist. Fusionart is much more than just a movement in art. It is about life itself and the joy of those touched and affected by it. The creative act of Fusionart is the act of ‘leila’. ‘Leila’ is a Sanskrit word which is descriptive of free play. This is blissful play in which the players have no attachment to the end result. (Think of children in a sandbox.) They allow the creative energy of life to flow freely within and through them as they create.
Bebe enjoys using round canvases because of the endless visual possibilities such a design offers. Circular paintings can easily be rotated and viewed from different angles creating multiple images. Nonetheless, many of Bebe’s square or rectangular paintings can also be viewed from many perspectives. Try turning one of her paintings upside down and see what appears.
Bebe is the creator of the ‘meetup’ group called ‘The Fusionart Group of San Diego’. She hosts the group in her studio/garden in San Diego. The group comes together to enjoy a day of creativity and to discover self-expression and self-confidence by painting without restrictive techniques or judgments. At the end of the day the creations are shared and the process is reviewed. The artists seem to enjoy being in the energy of other nonjudgmental artists while remembering that it is not about creating a great work of art, but rather about getting into the ‘flow’ and seeing what shows up. It is about losing oneself in the process and not being connected to the results. Bebe’s art is all about having fun, expressing hidden emotions, enjoying the process, and sharing the results. It is the journey, not the destination.

Bebe’s art is featured in the book, Fusionart, by Freydon Rassouli. She has put together a booklet explaining fusionart, ‘How to be a Fusionartist – It not about painting, it’s about Life.’ Both are available on Amazon.

More about Bebe can be found at www. BebeBrookman.com

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Bebe Brookman joined Fine Art America on June 17th, 2011.