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Photography is something that has grown on me through every picture I have taken.   The first time I remember going out of my way to get a good shot was on a cruise in the bahamas with my high school choir.   We were busy every night at sunset, so I made the effort to get up in time to capture the sun rising (a sight that I had only seen once or twice in my life to that point).   The shot turned out beautiful and is one of the best memories I have of the whole trip.   Since then, my skills and knowledge about photography have grown.   Though I've never taken a full...more
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French Polynesia

The photographs in this gallery are of the islands of French Polynesia including Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora. My wife and I originally wanted to go to French Polynesia for our honeymoon. One day it occurred to us, though, that we were getting married in August, a hot month for our hometown of Chicago, and we were planning to go to a tropical location. We then decided to go somewhere cooler and save the trip to French Polynesia for later (we went to Lake Como and Venice, Italy instead). Fortunately, it only took us a year and a half to save up the money we needed to make the trip (thanks to a very frugal budget!), and we visited French Polynesia in December of 2008. After 2 nights in Tahiti, 3 nights in Moorea, and 4 nights in Bora Bora, we returned with a lot of beautiful pictures on my camera. For those interested, though Bora Bora is often described as the most beautiful island in the world, our favorite stop on the trip was Moorea. Both islands are beautiful, but there was a little more to do on Moorea.

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