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New One Fingered Poundings

March 24th, 2010

I was blogging my STROKE recovery here and this is not the place... For the STROKE stuff go to MY-STROKE.COM.... We made the site 4 STROKERS AND THEIR FAMILIES to fight back after a stroke. Look there 4 STROKE STUFF and STROKE ART! 

I came 2 Texas (from Maui) 2 help the folks. She has the big "A" & he's got everything else. Soon as I got here I decided to recieve the axe-handle of STROKE upside my head. Stupid eh? So i Work on my one fingered typing.. to diffuse the dis-appoint... 

Fell down again. You'd think i'd b used 2 it, but no. Now,I ache. It's rainy outside... went out 2 piss Fell on the step out Didnt have a chance... Never done well with wet concrete. Wet, mud dirty and a bloody foot shit No more pain meds... 

Cant sleep. Wont sleep. Figured I might be able 2 write the nasty wiggle demons out of my system. Met a great guy (MD) A face 2 film 4 sure. Money job 2morrow. Filming real-eatate! Not award winning but could pay 4 coffee! My Stroke body is betrayin... 


August 30th, 2009

On April 20th 2009 a blood vessel in my head broke open and my brain began to bleed. Commonly known as a stroke, and considered deadly, this brain blood leak changed my life forever. I had been asked by an artists friend to pose for a quick sk... 


August 30th, 2009

life changes again! 

Outlaw Love Post Stroke Notes

August 28th, 2009

Tom Robbins wrote " Love is the ultimate outlaw." and he's right, it follows no rules. Being an outlaw im still always surprised nobody knows this. Ex-wife/girl rage runs ragged throughout their passionet bloodstreams, leaving other men in their wake... 

P.S. Donut Diaries Post Stroke

August 24th, 2009

Don't do this! Have a Stroke! Nasty Strokes are the Bullies in a human life. Strokes are like the quiet street kid bullies, that like to fight because he enjoys hurting others. He also likes the taste of his own blood a little. The Stroke Bully knows... 

Donut Diaries#10

November 17th, 2008

The volcano was alone today. No cloud friends to hug. No vog to hide in. Solo. All done up in that smokey purple.. like in the song? "Purple mountains" and all that stuff. The trade wins are my friend. They took it upon themselves and blew the ... 

Donut Diaries#9

November 16th, 2008

Hard days right now... Now I know a lot of you will laugh about that comment. I can hear you now.."How can living in Paradise be hard?" Its not that way.... most of the jobs here are for min. wage and most people have at least 2 jobs... so para... 

Donut Diaries#8

November 14th, 2008

Actually slept. Havent actually slept since receiving my divorce. Wait! Not true. I actually sleep better now. During the last bit of the relationship I never slept. As you can tell, im not me. I did not get up a 3am to grab my neck in pain. I di... 

Donut Diaries#7

November 13th, 2008

Aloha I coasted down the volcano this morning. I didnt want to disturb the full Maui moon that was leading the way, lighting up the whole island. The Maui moon is like no other moon in the world. It's so big, strong and clear it never complains a... 

Donut Diaries#6

November 10th, 2008

I've been ignoring my blog here.....for a couple of days The black rain has started again. Thats when the sugar growers burn the island up by torching the dried cane fields and the black ash rains down up our heads here on Maui. Don't get me wr... 

Donut Diaries#5

November 5th, 2008

I floated down the volcano today through something we call VOG. Its volcano smog and its like breathing Los Angeles. Then the sugar cane guys burn the cane and it starts looking like Encino. So it's dark coming down the volcano but I've got my slole... 

Donut diaries#4

November 3rd, 2008

Up in the dark, rolling down the volcano heading to my donut haven, I have to look over my left shoulder to view the mighty Haliakala. She (Pele is a woman) has, for the last three day had a best friend standing next to her. It's a giant cloud that i... 

Donut Diaries

November 2nd, 2008

donut diaries #3 flying down the volcano at dusk with my MAC strapped to my back, and it's cold. I float down the mountain watching the wafer-like finger-nail moon whispering "Good Morning" over and over again. It's hard to drive the scooter d...