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Welcome! My name is Brian Williamson. As a child I have always enjoyed the outdoors; fishing, kayaking and mountain bikes. Raising three boys kept me busy and while I have always enjoyed taking photos and capturing the moment in my family life; it was 15 years ago that I discovered my new love / passion for photographing wildlife and nature.. Traveling the world has taken me to places like the Azores. Alaska and Canada,Cancun ,Catalina Islands,Russia,North West Territory among with many others. My love and passion for photography has been influenced by three or four individuals who have helped me along this journey. These individuals have won many awards shooting professionally ,since the 60s. Over the years I have spent countless hours on the computer, editing thousands of photos and working side by side with Adobe tech support; reading books; taking clases ,watching C.D.S 3weeks long each over and over and shooting photos in every type of situation possable and in any weather.From 105 degrees to a full blown blizzard.My personal collection of photos exceeds 250,000. I was injured 30 years ago and was lucky enough to have worked as a Mech -Superintend.Went I was asked to leave and walk with the health I have today,Iam greatful I had my love and passion for photography to fall back on ,know with 14 years of experance,shooting for local contractors,2 local papers,real estate,however my love is in what you see.My photography became a source of healing for me,I began to have this new found love for life and serenity,seeing stuff I never saw before because I was going to fast in life just missing all the beauty,the simple ,free stuff in life. What brought me joy, peace,Love and happiness in my life was capturing the beauty found right outside my door. All of the photos you are about to see are from my own personal collection. I call my site 'Through My Eyes Only' and it is just a simple reminder to folks of what lies outside your door. A reminder to increase awareness to look, listen and smell the beauty the next time you step outside. Please feel free to share my photos with family, friends or coworkers. Thank you! Sincerely,© Brian Williamson,all Rights Reserved All photographs in my gallery are copyrighted and owned by the artist Brian Williamson. Any reproduction, modification, publication, transmission, transfer or exploitation of any content for personal or commercial use, whether in part or whole, without written permission from Brian Williamson is prohibited. All rights reserved© 2015 Note: The Fine Art America watermark does not appear in purchased images. Note: any image can be modified to suit individual needs; simply email me and the modified image will be posted according to your specifications.

Brian Williamson joined Fine Art America on December 4th, 2012.