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As a kid in East Texas my family didn't own a camera.   During the Vietnam War I joined the Air Force.   I was in new places, seeing new things, so I wanted pictures.   I knew nothing about photography I thought you simply pushed the button and made a picture.   I bought a very simple Kodak camera and started talking pictures.   My real interest started when the pictures didn't seem to show what I wanted.   I realized there was more to photography than just pointing the camera and pushing the shutter release.   I started reading and...more
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Pops is unusual in several ways: 1. It has built a business on pop which is available virtually anywhere and everywhere, but not in the variety you find here. I saw "Ranch Dressing Pop" for example and what seemed like thousands of other flavores.... 

I can walk out of my house and find something interesting to shoot, but it's more fun to go to a cool location. Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be in Salt Lake City, Utah for several months. Then I had a fun assignment to photograph point... 


March 21st, 2017

If you look through my images you'll find I'm not very specialized, I shoot a fairly wide variety of subjects. I often shoot fairly normal everyday things which I find interesting, beautiful... I do considerable post processing to enhance my images, ... 

Local Beauty

July 26th, 2016

Two of my recent Saturday morning photo outings were to the nearby lakes Hefner and Overholser right here in OKC. Both were because I couldn't think of anyplace else I wanted to go. So both were started with low expectations and then both outings ex... 

Something From Nothing

May 25th, 2016

If you asked me, I'd say, "I'm not a big fan of altering photos in post processing. It's difficult to make something from nothing, I might add." A quick look at my image galleries and ah... Well, ah, I guess it's only certain filter effects that... 

One late afternoon back in the fall I followed my five year old grandson Zach out to play in the park across the street. My grandson grabbed a plastic basket full of toys and headed for the large sandbox in the park. With no great expectations I grab... 

Lake Hefner Bench

January 13th, 2016

I've been drawn to this tree and bench at Lake Hefner and photographed it a couple of times before. To me there is something special about the simplicity of it. Somehow it seems both lonely and inviting at the same time. Actually this area is ver... 

Sunup, Fog, and Farmland

November 24th, 2015

I enjoy shooting more than editing and posting images. I'd like to shoot every day, but usually it's only once or maybe twice a week. Even shooting that little I find my image library is growing faster than I can keep up. When I planned a simple... 

Can You See

October 13th, 2015

This is my first post here. I also have a blog which is for photographers, but I beleive this blog should be written for those who appreciate photography as art. I intend to write about some of the images I make, the story behind certain images, also...