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Rose Elaine has had the opportunity to travel all over the world and has crossed the Atlantic Ocean 10 times and the Pacific 6 times!   Rose graduated from London Central in 1984 in High Wycombe England and attended college in Kansas.   Rose began her sales career in Chicago, Illinois, and currently lives in Tennessee.   Rose's art/photographs are a reflection of her travels and a celebration of nature.   In addition to painting Rise Elaine also owns and operates Rose Elaine Publishing LLC.   Rose transforms her artwork into Prayer Journals and Gratitude Journals...more
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The waterfall giggles and gurgles and guffaws It splatters. It speaks. It sparks the imagination, and the relentless reminder of his power is refreshing. We are inspired. We are renewed. We are uplifted. The waterfall ... 


November 12th, 2019

Sunflowers: hardy, conspicuous, and tall. Started out small. But not today. Today. It stood erect and proud. It turned its flower to the sun and basked in the warmth, and it grew. Its proud heritage, his ancestors fed million... 

Daisy Delight

November 6th, 2019

Daisy, her warmth, and creativity fill the world with sunshine. Her happiness is contagious. Birds and Bees Lovers and Laughter Light up the Day with Delight She is Consistent She is Persistent She Symbolizes Hope and Renewal  

A trip to Paris is not complete without visiting the Rodin Museum, Especially in spring. When roses are in bloom, it is magical. The gardens boast of 2,000 rose bushes and over 100 different kinds of roses. The architect Jacques Sgard designed the ... 

The master gardener in my family is my father. For many years we enjoyed his property in Decaturville, TN. Beautiful trees, green grass, and a multitude of flowers. I have often thought of the 23rd Psalm while walking around and enjoying the vi... 

In spring, as you walk through the gardens of Giverny, the famous lily ponds of Claude Monet. You see the inspiration of Monet's impressionist paintings. The multitude of flowers beckons you to walk and sit and think. An artist inspired to sit and dr... 

Balboa Park and the Butter Cup

November 6th, 2019

It is no surprise Balboa Park in San Diago, California, is a National Historic Landmark and named after the Spanish explorer Casso Nunez de Valvoa Balboa. The 1,200-acre land makes room for 16 museums — the San Diago Zoo, The Park Carousel, and a h... 

Purple Flowers By Rose Elaine

October 30th, 2019

Your eyes dart from one side of the painting to the other, as you are compelled to search the art and look for clues. Your eyes move in the same motion Allium Flowers move in the wind on a summer day. The artwork evokes a feeling, expresses a mood, a... 

She is a crowd-pleaser! She like cool nights or a sunny location when the weather is not too warm. She brings brilliance to any occasion! She grew up wild but is charming and attractive. She is consistent, and you can count on her to bri... 

She is optimistic - her positive energy fills the room, and she brings a smile to the face of the people she loves. She is hopeful, and her power of persuasion can spark the creative spirit in any organization. She strives for success; she reaches ...