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Caroline Patrick - Artist

About Caroline Patrick

Learn more about Caroline Patrick from Anacortes, WA - United States.

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Caroline Patrick {BorNei} was born to create and begin as early as 4 years old to work with simple oil clay making animals and miniature dolls for her doll house. She begin painting in oils at age 6 tutored by a gifted aunt. Her landscapes and flowers were collected by family members and treasured. Caroline is a born teacher and has taught thousands of students in her career in the arts and The Art of Placement called Feng Shui. As an artist, teacher, former newspaper columnist for 14 years and popular speaker for over 40 years, Caroline has been featured in the business section of the Contra Costa Times, San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, Mercury News, and as a writer and illustrator for many books and magazines.

She has appeared on public and national TV. Her art and Feng Shui workshops are filled with diverse students ranging from corporate employees to the heads of learning institutions such as Santa Clara Reading Counsel School Systems, Surgeon Generals American Medical Association Clinical Convention, Acorn Products Technology-Silicon Valley/Boston/China, Medical Research Laboratories, ARC Architectural Inc., Michael Trahan Design Inc., Washington Outlet Stores and others. As a published author her book DIARY OF A FENG SHUI CONSULTANT AND VISUAL ARTIST is considered a must read...was blessed by her Master teacher of Feng Shui, His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun before his passing. Over 27 practitioners from around the world and from all schools of Feng Shui endorsed her book. She has also written two more books one on art and a children's classic to be published soon.

Caroline is considered a Master Feng Shui Educator, is a Red Ribbon Professional of the International Feng Shui Guild, has given over 6000 consultations and teaches adults and children for many schools, colleges, city educational facilities in CA, AZ, OR and WA. Her artwork is created in a sacred manner and is known for changing the energy of spaces. Her images hang in many private homes and businesses, including The Lun Yin Culture Center Temple in Berkeley, CA.

Now living in the Pacific Northwest Caroline continues to travel to China when possible and continues to paint images that changes peoples lives through subject, color, shape, the 5 Elements of life used in the picture and her special blessings which give life to the image. She hopes to finish her series of Ireland, Hawaii, China and her love of her Native American Indian ancestry paintings.

Caroline Patrick joined Fine Art America on May 13th, 2015.