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Charlotte Bailey Rierson - Fine Artist

About Charlotte Bailey Rierson

Learn more about Charlotte Bailey Rierson from Farifield Bay, AR - United States.








Charlotte Bailey Rierson's Artist Statement Throughout most of my life I have been involved with the arts. I have been on both sides, the promoter of the arts and the artist being promoted. I have lived most of my life in central Arkansas and a Graduate of the University of Central Arkansas majoring in Art. I am Past President of Mid-Southern Watercolorists and the Director of the MSW Regional Advisors, member of the Arkansas Artist Registry, and Arkansas Repertory Theatre Artworks, a signature member of the Arkansas League of Artists, and Mid Southern Watercolorists. She is coordinator of the North Central Arkansas Art Gallery for the North Central Arkansas Foundation for the Arts & Education City of Fairfield Bay. Some of my recent awards include 1ST Place Landscape Division 2016 in the Conway League of Artists Members Show & 1st Place in Fall Exhibit, Arkansas Art Council’s Small Works on Paper. My love and promotion of the Arts were recognized by the Arkansas Arts Council when I received the Arkansas Art Councils Governor’s Art Award in Community Development of the Arts. I will always want to continue to grow in the Art-Spirit wherever it takes me in my journey of life. CHAROTTE BAILEY RIERSON RESUME’ EDUCATION: 1. Graduate of the University of Central Arkansas, Bachelor of Science & Education Degree majoring in art. 1983 2. Studied art privately from an early age. 3. Art Course Studies from the following institutions: a. Arkansas Art Center b. Atlanta High Museum c. San Antonio Art Institute d. Coastal Academy of Fine Arts, Port Isabelle, TX. 4. Watercolor Workshops from Internationally known Artists: example Tony Couch, Milton Zornes, Mel Stabin, Naomi Brotherton, Hilary Page, Virginia Cobb, Joseph Fettingis MEMBER OF ORGANIZATIONS AFFILIATED WITH THE ARTS: 1. MID-SOUTH WATERCOLORISTS, PAST President 2. NORTH CENTRAL ARK. FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS & EDUCATION, Coordinate the NCA Art Gallery, Fairfield Bay 3. ARTWORKS, ARK. REPRETORY THEATRE 4. ARKANSAS ARTIST REGISTRY 5. NCA LEAGUE OF ARTIST, President, WORKSHOP & GRANT CHARIMAN 6. ARK. ARTS CENTER 7. ARK. LEAGUE OF ARTISTS Signature MEMBER 8. MID SOUTHERN WATERCOLORIST REGIONAL ADVISOR, Past President, & Signature Artist AWARDS OR RECOGNITION RELATED TO THE ARTS: 1. JURIED INTO THE MSW ANNUAL EXHIBITION 2017. 2. 1ST PLACE LANDSCAPE DIV. & LANDSCAPE DIV. 2016 CONWAY LEAGUE OF ARKANSAS 3. JURIED INTO THE ARK. ART COUNCIL’S SMALL WORKS ON PAPER 2017. 2003,. & 2004 SELECTED & RECEIVED THE PURCHASE AWARD, now in the permanent collection of the Ark. Art Council. 5. SELECTED TO BE IN THE ARK. ARTIST EXHIBIT, SENATOR BLANCHE LINCOLN’S OFFICE, WASHINGTON D.C. 2004. 6. ARK. ARTS COUNCIL GOVERNOR’S ART AWARD 1998 IN ART COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT 7. JURIED INTO THE MSW WINTER’S EXHIBIT 1999 AND AWARDED THE BEST OF SHOW. Now in the permanent collection of the Historical Ark. Museum. 8. NORTH CENTRAL ARK. FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS & EDUCATION LIFER’S HALL OF FAME AWARD 1996 9. GOVERNOR’S VOLUNTEER EXCELLENCE AWARD 1995 10. LEADERSHIP ARKANSAS 1991 (successfully completed the requirements of Leadership Arkansas Training and Development 11. 2001-2002 NORTH CENTRAL ARTIST LEAGUE'S, “You Make A DIFFERENCE AWARD' 12. Selected by the Ark. Arts Council to be a juror for the 2001-2002 Arkansas Governors Arts Awards. 13. NORTH CENTRAL ARK. FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS & EDUCATION’S 2001 'ARTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD' LEADERSHIP POSITIONS IN ART RELATED ORGANIZATIONS: 1. ARKANSAS LEAGUE OF ARTISTS BOARD MEMBER 2006, 2007 2. PRESIDENT MID-SOUTHERN WATERCOLORISTS 2005-06 3. COORDINATOR OF THE NORTH CENTRAL ARKANSAS ART GALLERY, FAIRFIELD BAY- on going 4. PASTCOMMUNITY TRUSTEE WITH THE ARK. ART CENTER 5. PAST EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE NORTH CENTRAL ARKANSAS FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS & EDUCATION 6. FORMER DOCENT FOR THE HIGH MUSEUM ATLANTA AND THE ARK. ARTS CENTER 7. DIRECTOR OF THE MID-SOUTHERN WATERCOLORISTS REGIONAL DIRECTORS 2007-2016 WATERCOLOR EXHIBITS: 1.ONE WOMAN EXHIBITION, GEM THEATER ART GALLERY, HEBER SPRINGS, GARVAN GARDENS HOT SPRINGS, SEARCY ART GALLERY, FAIRFIELD BAY LIBRARY, FIRST COMMUNITY BANK & FIRST SECURITY BANK CLINTON. 2.ARK. REPRETORY THEATER, ARTWORKS, Annually 3. BAUMS GALLERY, CONWAY, ARK. 2004 4.LAYMAN LIBRARY 2016 5.JURIED EXHIBIT SOUTH EAST ARTS & SCIENCE MUSEUM, PINE BLUFF 2005 6. ST. VINCENTS’S ARKANSAS WOMANS EXHIBIT, Oct-Jan. 2007 7.JURIED INTO THE FALL MSW EXHIBIT FOUR STATE REGIONAL ARTS CENTER, TEXARKANA 8. GALLERIES: NEXT DOOR GALLERY, HEBER SPRINGS; GALAXY GALLERY, NORTH LITTLE ROCK; NORTH CENTRAL ARKANSAS ART GALLERY, FAIRFIELD BAY, ARKANSAS REPERTORY THEATRE

Charlotte Bailey Rierson joined Fine Art America on February 1st, 2007.