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Cheryl Bowman - Artist

About Cheryl Bowman

Learn more about Cheryl Bowman from San Antonio, TX - United States.

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Cheryl Bowman was born in Pasadena, Texas, 1948. Her parents moved to the Rio Grande Valley when she was young. Her mother was a painter who influenced her love affair with painting. After managing an art center with a retail store, school, and gallery, she realized that the creative side of Art was what appealed to her. She began painting at 28. She received a BFA from University of Texas, Pan American in South Texas at the age of 38. She taught every medium at a Magnet school in South Texas for 19 years. Her travels around the world have influenced her variety of styles although the juxtaposition of shapes and colors remain most important in her work. As she strives to find her place in the great Pacific Northwest, she continues to search for new ideas, subjects, and personal visions . She wants her viewers to see her vision and be uplifted in some small way because they experienced the way she sees.

I paint because I am continually challenged by the fact that there is no beginning to painting and no end. Success and failure become subjective to those who choose to judge it. The endless freedom to express myself in subjects, patterns, colors, shapes, and styles never leads to a predetermined degree of accomplishment. One of the few things in my life that has never bored me and constantly challenged me has been painting. My goal is to ultimately render how I see and hope that others investigate the joyful visions of my mind. I love painting an array of subjects abstracting the details and colors as I go.

My current work stemmed from a foundation of realistic depiction of the subject. After teaching for many years and traveling around the world, my encounters with people taught me the joy and understanding of creation is often the experience I hope I can share with my audience. I want my viewer to see my vision and be uplifted in some small way because they experienced the way I see. I define my work as 'Abstract Realism.' My art is the depiction of reality filtered through the abstract regions of my mind resulting in careful juxtaposition of shapes and colors to portray my subjects.

Cheryl Bowman joined Fine Art America on June 8th, 2015.