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Christopher Pringer - Artist

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Learn more about Christopher Pringer from Seattle, WA - United States.

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Most of these are composed of multiple layers of brights and subtles. They are designed with the pi-ratio proportions of sacred geometry and visually enhanced with 3D surrealism. Themes are based on the Chalice - as a symbol of personal and spiritual transformation, not necessarily religious, but more along the lines of a spiritual or ecumenical unifying-thread-orientation. On the other hand, might there be a bridge between chakra's, vortices, wormholes, travel to other dimensions (inner as well as outer)?

I do my work from a very close-up perspective far beyond what the average browser presents, particularly with the multi-layering.

Chalice Art began with a 3+ dimensional form that I 'saw' (or visually conceived, or both) back in the late Spring of 1985. In Spring of '86 I drew up the first full color, albeit 1D, version of the 'Temple Diamond Chalice', done in colored pencil and pen (a digital re-rendering is included in the gallery). When putting it's design to paper, I used designs drawn up in '85 with the pi-ratio proportions of sacred geometry. This first rendering (shown in the blog, 'Sacred Geometry, Proportion, Function') provided the basis for most of my chalice art.

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''Light Play':
Are they layers of light or layers of solidity? '

If you would like the deeper background with a bit of technical reference about...: 'Sacred Geometry, Proportion, Function'

What's New?
I will post updates, for new art at my website AND at FAA, including for sales at FAA, at the 'Updates page' at Chalice Bridge .Com [n.Spring'14]

Note if considering a print:
The high gloss of the acrylic sheet complements the rich colors of *light-based art* on dark/black backgrounds.

For those interested in Chalice-related topics:
Many other elements surrounding the 'bridging chalice' are elaborated on at the Chalice Art page web site. More summarized versions are included in the blogs here.

Thank you!

Christopher Pringer joined Fine Art America on July 31st, 2012.