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Cliff Spohn - Artist

Cliff Spohn Shop - Portraits And Figurative

Purchase canvas prints, framed prints, and more featuring artwork from Cliff Spohn.

© © All artwork is copyrighted by Cliff Spohn....Images created for certain commissioned client own the copyrights to their images, and 'warning', you don't even want to mess with them....© © ***********NOTICE*********** I AM IN THE PROCESS OF RESHOOTING MOST OF MY WORK TO A HIGHER RESOLUTION, IF YOU SELECT A PIECE AND ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH THE RESOLUTION, PLEASE CONTACT ME AND I WILL MAKE ADJUSTMENTS.   THANK YOU!   This should give you a slight insight as to who I am and what my art is all about, but first a big 'thank you' for dropping by.   I was born and raised in...more
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